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Diamonds - for Fay


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Absolutely beautiful. I am originally from MI too and miss those kinds of sights, except that where we were located, it ususally meant our electricity went out too!

I sure hope that Fay is able to enjoy those diamonds you sent for her. What a nice thought. I wish I could send Fay the biggest most beautiful bunch of flowers that she could ever imagine, and tied with a big beautiful ribbon that could magically give her all of the comfort and peace that she needs. Love to you, Fay from Patty

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Excellent shots Becky!

We didn't get "diamonds" in the south, it was too warm, just lots of rain and thunder. I do remember a couple of years ago, when we had a mammoth ice storm, how beautiful it was in the morning.

That day, as I was white-knuckling it to work, I wished I had my camera. By far, you're the better photographer, we best keep the scenery up there :).

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Actually, Mark took these pictures in our yard. Yes, it is a white pine under all that ice (trees are in my parents' yard, we don't have any evergreens yet). On the way to work there were many more specimens that were even nicer, but I didn't have a camera and drove with both hands on the wheel...

Last night's ice storm started about noon and was horribly beautiful. The sky opened up and little pellets fell out - like BBs of ice. As the BBs were falling, there was some kind of liquid flowing out of the clouds, as well as lightning and thunder to beat the band. It was all really eerie.

A few hundred miles south of us there were tornado watches...very, very weird weather...

Fay, I hope you get the pure Rockwell-esque snow, big fluffy flakes just perfect for snowballs and snowmen and leave this ice and crap for the polar bears. What a MESS! But gee, it sure is pretty...

If I get some pictures tomorrow (or if Mark does), I'll post them.

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