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We just found out yesterday that my cousin has pancreatic cancer, with probable mets to his liver. I know, and have learned, not to fixate on the statistics, but the drs. are saying 6-9 months. I know that miracles happen, but I just hate that he is facing this. I hate it for his kids, as well. We recently lost another family member to pancreatic cancer.

Cancer, in its many hideous forms, just sucks.


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So sorry about your cousin, Kelly.

There is so much cancer, it is scarey. I think everyone knows someone who had or has it.

I hope they can keep him pain free and comfortable when the time comes. That is a horrible cancer. Poor guy...


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Kelly, this is such heartbreaking news..My Mom was dx in Dec. with PC..My husband with lung cancer and me suffering a massive heart attack in Jan. It amazed me to see how many people replied that they had someone close to them with PC...there is not nearly enough research going on for this, like lung cancer. It does not have to be a short lived cancer though...Positive attitude and making up his mind to fight has alot to do with it. I am sending you 2 sites I hope you pass on to him It will give answers to alot of questions..also I am sending prayers to you and your family




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