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Young mom going in for surgery on Wed-


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Hi everyone!

I have a new friend named Angela who is going in for surgery this Wednesday. She is a 39 year old single mom of three. At this point she isn't sure whether the surgery will be a Right lobectomy or pneumectomy. She was diagnosed last summer and has had chemo to shrink the tumors...I've given her some info on what to expect during and after a lobectomy but I know there are tons of "one lungers" out here who would be invaluable to her in the event they take her entire lung. She's recently registered as "Angela". She is a really upbeat person, and keeps really active. I know she will be such a wonderful addition to this community. Watch for her posting or maybe respond to this one so she can read it all before going in on Wednesday.


Good thoughts and prayers for you, Angela!


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Well first Angela, I have to tell you that having Kathy as a friend is a very good thing.

I will keep you in my thoughts during surgery and hope that it is successful. Remember, pain meds are your friend, use that little breathing machine a lot (spirometer???) and get a pillow to hold on your incision in case you have to cough.

Keep us posted.

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HI Kathy, and Hi to Angela,

I went into surgery 10+ years ago not knowing if they were going to take part or all of my left lung.

Well, low and behold I am one of those ONE LUNGERS you talk about.

I hope Angela will join in here. There is a lot of helpful information here at LCSC. I wish I would have had a place like this 10+ years ago, but I had to wing it for my first 4 years of being a survivor. I managed to get through. Having a place like LCSC would have made it a LOT EASIER to understand some of the ups and downs I went through back then.

Best wishes to you Kathy and Angela.

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Kathy ,

Thanks for letting us know. Angela, I want you to know that my thoughts and prayers will be with you for your surgery. When my husband had his pneumonectomy, he did very well recovering. He had an epideral (sp) and had wonderful pain control. Recovery takes a bit of time , but within 8 weeks he was back to work and by the following spring he was out doing yard work. You are 20 years younger than he was when he had his and that should be on your side. Be sure to join us after your surgery. We welcome you with open arms .



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You are a really good friend. Angela is blessed to have you by her side.

She is very lucky she is a candidate for surgery, Only 1 in 4 are operatble.

My husband had his upper left lobe removed. At the time they were't sure if it would be a whole lung of a lobe.

The operation went really well and his post op went well until he had a thyroid problem. Otherwise his recouperation would have have been so much faster.

It is a little over a year now and he is doing wonderful... NED... and back to himself.

I wish her luck and we will help her through this. We are always here to help support and send prayers when needed.

Looking forward to her posts.


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my surgery is schedule for Wednesday 2/22/06 at 1:15pm. I will have to be at Monteifiore Hospital at 11:00 am. :lol: Kate has been very supportive and understanding. also i had a mediastinoscopy done on 2/15/06 my surgeon told me today the biopsy of my chest area and lymph nodes is benign.

When the trials of life seem to be working your nerves, there is just one thins you must tell yourself, whne these situations you can not dodge. "i must sit down, chill , calm myself; Relax... God is in charge, Along with the love and support of friends and family. Thank you!

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I have made this a sticky more than once and it keeps getting lost:

Tips to make it go easier - (it's as easy as A-B-C)

Ask for the drugs when it hurts!

Be nice to the nurses, they are your link to drugs....and baths...and visitors

Call your General Practitioner and see about anti-anxiety medication or sleeping pills - you need to sleep BEFORE the surgery

Don't jump to cancer conclusions until you know for sure

Exercises - breathing exercises after surgery

Find a person to be your advocate, to go to all appointments and take notes

Get acquainted with your spiritual side, you'll be visiting

Help your doctor help you, follow all instructions and ask questions if you aren't clear

Ignore cancer statistics - they're outdated and dismal

Just try to relax

Kid around

Laugh - it feels better to hurt when you're laughing than to just hurt

Make the most of every day

Never give up

Obtain what you need to get you through (mentally/emotionally/physically)

Promise yourself you'll get better

Quit procrastinating

Rely on others - healing takes some time

Strength - you have it, find out how to get to it

Teddy Bear - to hold when you cough, sneeze or laugh

Understand you won't be back to 100% a week after the surgery

Value the talent your doctors have, but seek others if you aren't happy

Waiting is the hardest part

Xrays for the rest of your life (or so it seems)

You CAN do it

Zen - that inner peace, again...

Seriously, though, it hurts. One of the most painful surgeries there is, no doubt. Take the medication in the hospital, you are NOT a wimp if you need pain medication. Be nice to the nurses, they control the "temperature" of your stay - "please" and "thank you" go a long way. If you are getting bad care (i.e. a blood draw where they can't reach a darn vein) ask for someone else. Deep breathing and relaxation techniques help. Don't expect to sleep comfortable on your "normal side" anytime soon. Laughing hurts, coughing hurts, sneezing is a real bit*h...but laugh when you can, humor helps. Blood coming from anywhere is bad - let someone know immediately.

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