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So worried


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Fear is clutching my heart again. Tonight one of my dearest friends informed me that her 37 year old daughter, (a new Mom, who has been undergoing a "cocktail" chemo for breast cancer and who is to have a "lumpectomy" and "lymphectomy" next week,) has been found to have a "spot" on her lung. What horrifies me is that the Onc has told them that he is "not going to bother about the lung for now" he says that the chemo "should take care of that"!! They are not even sure yet if the spot is malignant, but wouldn't you expect them to take tests..perhaps even while she is having the lumpectomy??! I suppose I am panicking, but I know how fast these things grow and I am so scared for this lovely girl.

What makes it worse is that my friend, who saw me through my husbands illness and was there for me minutes after he had passed away, is in CA and I am now in MI! I can only try to support her by phone and that just doesn't seem to be enough !


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That same thing happened to my best girlfriends daughter 2 years ago. She was undergoing breast cancer dx's and they saw a spot on her lung. (she was 38 years young). Well, low and behold, she is cancer free today and the spot was nothing, it just went away, and they did nothing either.

I'll keep you and your friends in my throughts and prayers that this will be the case for your friends daughter too.

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I'm hoping and praying for good news for your friend and her daughter. It seems they have enough to face right now.

You are a good friend. Sometimes the phone support is more important than anything. I had phone therapy with my best friend for an hour last weekend. It made all the difference in my day!

:) Kelly

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I'm sorry you're so scared. connie's post reassured me a lot, and hopefully that's what will happen - they'll treat the breast cancer and the lung won't give her any additional trouble.

it's so hard, how this f'in disease keeps creeping back into our lives.



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I apologize but I don't have any words of wisdom for you Paddy. I know that they have made so many great advances in treating BC, and now even advanced BC with multiple mets can be treated and cured.

But, I did want to add your friend's daughter to my prayers, and let you know I will be thinking about her and praying for the best.

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