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Getting to Know You - March 04


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We drive Saabs. Hubs is in love with his red 9-5 areo. My silver 2000 95 has 125k. The heated seats are a must. I hate to hava a cold tush. I wish for a newer Saab with a heated steering wheel and automatic started with de-icer. Truthfully a garage would be nice. Scraping ice every morniing bites into my wake up time and cuppa cawfee.

Much love, Eppie

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I am lucky enough to be driving a new Lexus SUV which really is my dream practicle car.

My inpracticle dream car is a two seater Mercedes convertible which I would only have to use in good weather. Heck, if I am going to dream may as well go all the way.

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Guess I am lame -- I couldn't care less! My husband is a car fanatic and we have a couple of stupid Porsches...stupid, you can't put groceries in them, you ride too low to the ground, it is bumpy...dumb dumb. Give me a good sized SUV anyday. :)

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