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Missing Snowflake


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Becky and Cookieman,

Love you

Miss you

Thinking about you

Care about you

I hope you have just been way too busy doing snowflakey/cookie things to check in.

Hugs all around.

I have Cookieman's quote typed and framed on my desk at work, in my kitchen and in my bedroom.

You guys are awesome and such good friends and such a huge comfort.



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Where have I been...

Let's see, we had the week from hell. Sometimes, life just kicks ya in the *ss, ya know?

I've been in bed by about 8:00 all week, just draggin' my butt home from work, eating dinner (or going to bed without eating because sleep seemed more important) and heading to bed. I've felt I needed a place to nap at lunchtime to get through the day...

Hey, my thyroid levels are off, imagine that! Back on the medication and hopefully I'll be back up to running on all eight cylinders again.

Did I mention I'm helping to plan a wedding? An outdoor affair in August. Hopefully, it won't rain, but we ARE making "Plan B" for everything.

There is stress in work life again. My goal is to become independently wealthy and tell 'em to go pound sand.

My ex-husband dropped a bombshell. Has nothing to do with me, but does run downhill to have some effects on my son. Can't go into the specifics, it's not my tale to tell.

Homelife with my "bonus" family is stressful in some directions. This is nothing new, but stressful, just the same. We are hoping it all works out, but we are realistic and know the history.

Life has been a bit rainy for us, but we have seen peeks of the sun through the clouds. There are signs that a rainbow is in the making so we are living for the good days and tolerating the bad.

Hopefully, the medication will give me back my evenings so I can post. I cannot post during the day because I'm at work (although sometimes I do log in and read). I have weekends and weeknights to try to get everything in and right now, the juggling is getting tough and balls are dropping everywhere (don't tell Cookieman). I'll pop in when I am able, I promise.

Take care, all.


Snowflake & Cookieman

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