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push over Frank, you got another boob in competition

cindi o'h

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oh Brother.

I tell ya.

I finally get the call regarding my CT scan. The nurse wanted to talk about my right breast.

I said, "I don't care about my breast, my concern is the lymph node."

She persisted that the onc wants an MRI of my breast to follow up on a mass seen there.

I said, "NO. absolutely not. I had to go to the Cities against my judgement and I went ahead and had an exam, mammogram and ultrasound of my breast in January. The surgeon told me that CT scans are unreliable for breast cancer diagnosis. I trust my surgeon implicitly. Now, what does the radiologist say about my lung and lymph node?"

stammer stammer..I have to talk to the doctor.... I don't see where it says anything about a lymph node....I just work here...

I say well read it to me..

It was an incomplete nincompoop report.

I am mad. What a crock.

I am getting my clothes on and going to get my wheelie walker all polished up and some heads are going to roll. What kind of circus am I involved with?

Talk about frustrating. Left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing.

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That is what the frustration is all about. I feel so powerless. I was being so patient these past weeks with all this bullcrap. (wasn't I, Sue?)

I was told I would have an answer, but instead I get some runnaround bologna. I tried calling the radiologist's office. Can't talk with them. They are sequestered away in the bowels of the hospital and don't talk to patients, only other doctors. I told them that I rate higher that the doctor, I am the patient. That didn't get me far either.

I am enraged.

Ry, I need a horn for my wheelie walker, an airhorn!!!

Cindi o'h

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