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WBR completed...update


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Good morning Everyone! I’ve been hesitant to post an update because I’m afraid I’ll jinx things…

Dad finished WBR 5 days ago and he’s doing pretty darn well so far. I was so worried about him having this done after hearing about some of the potential side effects. Before Dad started WBR, I called Dad’s radiation nurse to see if she ever encounters people with some of the serious side effects that I read about here. She assured me that fatigue is the normal side effect and the things I listed were not common in her experience. I also spoke with a good family friend who used to the do the radiation and now does the planning for radiation, and she too assured me that everything would be okay. I then spoke with Dad's radiation oncologist as well as a different radiation oncologist, and they both reiterated what the others had said. So I feel I did my part in ensuring that this was the right choice in our situation. Well so far, fatigue has been the only major factor for Dad. He’s super tired and his head feels “heavy”, but it certainly hasn’t kept him down and in bed all day. He’s even trying to get out and walk some. We haven’t seen signs of short term memory loss and he's still able to do the crossword puzzle everyday, etc. So hopefully, I haven’t jinxed things by posting this, but I wanted to update. Now we have two weeks before seeing Dad’s radiation and chemo oncologists. Hopefully in a couple of weeks, Dad’s energy levels will begin to return and he can start on Tarceva soon. I pray that the brain lesion responded well to the radiation. Thanks again to everyone for offering your thoughts, point of view, support, and prayers. It has been so very helpful. :)


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Wonderful news Sherri!

I don't think you jinxed anything, it is just sharing your blessings. I will pray that the good news continues.

My husband is about 14-15 months removed from WBR and I don't see any negative side effects. He is still very very tired, but then again he is still undergoing chemo too. Other than that, no memory loss (in fact I think his is better than mine right now), no problems with balance or motor skills.

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