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asking for prayers, again...


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Sorry to trouble all of you but I sure could use some prayers and good thoughts.

As some of you know things in my life have been a difficult... working too many jobs, children, marriage issues, my father passed away etc. Well my husband of two years walked out last night so now I'm in the regrouping how am I going to do everything now mode. Money is going to be a huge factor as well coping with being alone and trying to take care of everyone. To top it all off I've been having some sort of flu or something. Not really any sinus just SOB and a bad cough. Feels like my lung is really congested... low fever of about 99-100. I work at a Nursing school so I may have someone here listen to my lung...

the marriage breakup may have been inevitable but I feel very sad and alone. The thought of starting over again is scary!!!

Some prayers would really help... Thanks,Tami

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You are SO not alone!!!!!! You have had a full plate, it seems, for some time. Let's make a plan and go one step at a time. First thing.............get straightened out with this 'flu' or whatever. Just focus on that for today and tomorrow. Can't do much when you feel punky and worried about the lung you still have!!!!! THEN............prioritize. What MOST needs your attention next? Maybe sit down and go over all finances carefully and have a strategy in place to help you cope with that. You ARE going to do this ~~ oh yes you are. AND we are going to help you! This ain't called a family here for nothin', ya know!!!

So Tami..............hope you are taking a breath about now and ready to see someone for that cough. You BETTER keep us up to date and not disappear and worry us to death!

We are here!



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This just stinks. I'll be careful about using the M word (as in men).

Don't think of it as starting over, but as having a clean slate. From your picture you are young and drop dead gorgeous, so many things in your favor. Take it one day or hour or minute at a time, however you need to do it.

Get someone to check your flu symptoms, you don't need to be sick on top of this news.

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Kasey sure gave you lots of good advice!!!!!!

Just take it one day a time right now. Anything else is just too overwhelming!

And remember, when one door closes, another one opens.

(I know it is so hard to see that sometimes though)

Get yourself feeling better and then you can begin to figure this all out.

In the meantime, I'm thinking and praying for you!!

Warm Hugs,


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Men Can be replaced. I am one so don't jump. Your health can't. It is more important than any guy. remember it is his loss not yours. There are a lot of people here pulling for you and we will do whatever we can to help. sending prayers for good neews on your "FLU" or whatever. One thing at a time.

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Tami honey,

I am so sorry to hear this news and this burden you are carrying is so heavy right now. Please just concentrate on feeling better and taking care of yourself.

This is so new right now and you are feeling devestated and scared.

After you start to physically feel better then you can put your priorities in order.

You are not alone, we will help you through this.

Do you have a friend or family member you can lean

on for emotional and physical support?

You will get through this Tami, like Kasey said, one day at time.

We care about you and we have strong shoulders here, we can help you take some of that weight off your shoulders.

Prayers sent to you Tami,


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