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"Good news for my mom"


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Well we had a very good day today. We met with the radiation oncologist this morning and mom's MRI of her brain came back normal. So they staged her cancer limited small cell. We go back Monday for the 3D scan so the 24th she can start her radiation treatments. That will be 5 days a week for 6 weeks and she will go in for chemo every 3rd Tuesday for 6 courses.

My mom broke down and cried at the doctors office when we got the results from her MRI, and survival numbers. We are planning a 2 1/2 week vacation in June to go out west to the Grand Canyon and into California and she is looking forward to going. She would like to see the Grand Canyon and the ocean before she dies.

The doctor was willing to work with us on her radiation to make sure she is finished so she can go with us. She thought that would be a good idea to have something for her to look forward to. A big weight has been lifted and I think we will all get a good nights sleep tonight...Jess

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Oh Jess, that is simply great news! YEAH!!! WOO HOO!!!

Limited SCLC is beatable. She will not only be able to see the ocean and grand canyon before dying, but she will have time to see Europe, the Alaska glaciers, the New York skyline, the wild wild west, and many many more sights.

I will be praying that the agressive treatment she has scheduled will know all those pesky cancer cells right out of her. And I pray that she tolerate them well.

My husband had radiation simultaneously with chemo. He was extremely fatigued, so make sure your mom gets plenty of rest and takes it easy. Also, drink lots and lots of fluids. Hydration is a big issue for anyone on treatment, but doing both is especially tough.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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What a load off your minds. Enjoy your trip, you are all going to make some wonderful memories.

But listen to what Carleen says, this is treatable and you mom can be around for a long long time. Don't listen to stastistics as they are just numbers. There are so many treatments out there. They just have to be agressive and find one what works for her.

Take care,

Maryanne :wink:

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ROAD TRIP YEah!!!!!! Congrats on the great news and have a blast on your adventure. I se google earth to see the world right now. Have fun!

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Jess make sure to book the slow train so you and Mom can enjoy the vbiews and time together. Your Mom has a long time to go, so enjoy it and Congrats on the pLan and Vacation!! 8)

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