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Need some support and prayers for daughter


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I do not know the protocol on these type of situations. Can I ask for support and prayers for a family member that is not cancer related?

Well if I can ask for support:I need some support for my daughter she is 7 weeks pregnant and is having problems. It has been a roller coaster ride for her and the family. On March 13, 2005 my granddaughter came into this world and died a short 10 minutes later. My granddaughter had Patau Syndrome and Trisomy 13. Then my daughter was pregnant again and then miscarried on the 7 week which is similiar to this pregnancy. My daughter has a syndrome called Robertsonian Translocation Syndrome, she is a carrier and she has a 33% chance of having a normal child.

One thing I have learned from this community is that

STATISTICS, are just a bunch of numbers strung together. This community has shown me you got to have HOPE and a BELIEF in life and there is a supreme goodness in people.


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Count on my prayers! Miracles happen every day. I have a friend who had multiple chemo treatments before finding out she was pregnant...they advised her to abort the baby, because it was just impossible that the baby would have a "normal" life due to the intense chemicals it encountered. They of course did not do this and their Hope Ann is now a beautiful, healthy, 12 year old little girl! God works miracles every day. I will pray for you today!

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Dear Adela,

I am so PROUD that you will not be driven to despair by statistics!!!! Me either...........so that is why I will be sure to remember your daughter with 'special' prayers for a good pregnancy. Your family has dealt with so much, may this be a ray of hope for all of you.


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