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Update on Dad - April 21


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Hi everyone,

I haven't been posting and replying to posts for quite sometime now, as I'm still out of the country for a work assignment, but I still drop by the boards when I find time.

Dad was prescribed Tarceva for 3 more months, from late January to April, and had his evaluative CT scans yesterday. As of this writing, all I was told was that Tarceva has failed us again, and Dad will be starting chemo on May 12. I don't know any of the details, how and where the tumors have grown or anything... I am so heartbroken that he's going to go through that again... I just feel so bad today...

Just wanted to let that out, I will try to post more details when I talk to mom...

Thanks for listening and I hope everything is going well for you guys.

God bless and take care.

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I have missed you a whole bunch, Frances. I am glad you found time to post and bring us up to date. I am so sorry about the failure of Tarceva to yield the results we all had hoped for. Let us know the new plan when you get the details.

Take care, Frances, try to come by a little more, okay?


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Thank you everyone, for the endless support! I am told the mediastinal mass (the biggest of all the nodes) has grown, but I don't know how much. The rest of the nodes are stable. Oncologist recommends a clinical trial that I believe they are having in the Philippines. I do not know the name of the drug yet. I hope it will not be that harsh.

I missed the boards! I have just recently been given my own computer I can use at my hotel room, so I can be online more often now. 8)

Thank you for the prayers, be rest assured that I am also keeping you in mine.

Much Love.

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