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My nodule is gone - got my follow up ct


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Hi Everybody,

Just wanted to share some good news .. I got my follow up ct and apparently the nodule is gone now. CT Came back negative - Normal..no follow up needed.. "that makes me a little nervous"

Never thought that word would be used to describe me but ok.. believe me I will take it.

Thanks for the support and love from everyone hear..I am going to hang around so provide that same support to people that come hear seeking it. I have learned much and want to share.


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Okay, Sam.

Now you have the good news. Embrace it. wallow in it. Claim it as yours. Declare that you are a healthy man. And live your life as if you are.

If you catch yourself wandering into the 'what if' modes again, consider seeing a professional who will be able to help you either with meds or with some counseling or a bit of this and that.

You are a design of the perfection of the Almighty. You are to rejoice in the beauty of the wonders of your body's workings. Focus on the positives in your life, Sam, and let the angst's go.

Cared about you all these months, Sam.

Cindi o'h

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