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Mom got her MRI results today...and it really wasn't what we'd hoped for. The original met to the brain that she's had "zapped" by SRS all those months ago is back...and almost tripled in size so we're looking at more of a 3" tumor now. The dr's have essentially told her the only option is three months of wbr at twice the "normal" rads....or nothing.

*sighs* Shock isn't even enough to cover it.

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Just want you to know Missy I am saddened by the destressing news that your mom received.

I am sending prayers for better results and you for the strength to get through this.

You mom has been through so much, Iam so sorry she has to face this now. Its just not fair.

Maryanne :cry:

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Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes - I have no idea what else could have done this - had my first WBR today - wasn't bad ( was waiting to come out a blubbering idiot ) .I did get a little better news instead of 23 treatments ( 2 at a time ) I'm only getting 20 !! my rad dr consulted with the physists at the cancer center and they decided they could get this under control doing it this way. rather than causing more damage - mostly because there is only 1 they're dealing with.. It's the size and the fact that it's already been treated w/ SRS .They said only 10 -to 15 % of these come back after SRS.. MY luck has ALWAYS been like that !!

I'm done boo-hooing at least for now - I'm back in the fight - thanks to the support from all of you.


by the way the mispelled words are being blamed on the tumor -LOL


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Hey Sue,

Glad you have made your decision and are involved in getting better. Drink lots of water and rest when you need! Glad you are back in fighting mode. It feels so much better. Wishing you lots and lots of excellent treatment and fantastic outcome!


cindi o'h

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