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Mom's follow-up CT and EGD results


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Just wanted to let you all know that the doctor finally had a chance to review mom's follow-up CT with her original scan and has stated there was 'significant improvement'. (I think mom already KNEW that since her breathing has gotten better.) There is also oxygen circulating in the lower section of the affected lobe, and the doctor did not expect her to regain funtion of that area.

Also, mom had her EGD completed and the gastro doc said she did not have esophagus constriction only severe ulcers in that area that he believed are already starting to heal. He has changed her meds from Protonix to Nexium (and keeping her on the Carafate as well) and I believe it is getting easier for her to eat. No need yet for that silly feeding tube the other gastro doc wanted to stick in her!

Her oncologist did want her to have the additional 2-4 chemo treatments, but I SERIOUSLY doubt that she will concede, especially after all the problems she just had with the whole eating issue. She still does not have the energy she used to have but it is so nice to see her feeling better.

Trying to keep the roller coaster climbing!


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