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Quick decline

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I haven't posted much lately. Daddy is taking up a lot of our time. He's taken a quick decline, and is now almost totally wheelchair dependant. He's very weak, coughing up blood, having issues with rectal bleeding, and other issues as well. The pain was almost intolerable for him last night, and we usually have appointments with him every day now between various specialists. I hate seeing him suffer. They've increased his existing pain meds and added toradol. He also had a nerve block done yesterday. They've also scheduled a colonoscopy in August to see where the rectal bleeding is coming from. He's supposed to get his second Alimta treatment next week. I hate this disease and what it's doing to him. Even my mother is having to face the fact that my father may never be strong again. It's heartbreaking.

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It is SOOOO heartbreaking! I recall all too well not that long ago how it shattered my heart into a million piece to have to help Dad do simple everyday task. I will never forget the look of defeat on his face the day he had to admit that he could not get himself up and down or walk without assistance any longer! Just heart breaking...

I'm soooo sorry that your family is faced with the realization that he will never be strong again. I pray that your family will find peace with this, that your Dad's pain will be well managed and that your family will have time to make more wonderful memories!

God Bless and keep you all,


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