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Mysterious Malady


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Len has been "ailing" for the past few weeks with little to explain any of it. He "collapsed" at a picnic on 2 July after a mini bout the day before with diarhhea -- went wobbly and couldn't get back on his feet. I took him to the local clinic where he had the requisite blood tests and examinations, then put on intravenous fluids -- diagnosis: dehydratration after diarhhea and the heat of the day, etc.,etc.

The following week he was still feeling sort of lousy and we had to go see our gp anyway to let her know about this. At that visit, we discovered that he was running a low grade temp. She sent him for more blood tests, thought maybe Lyme disease or a similar tick/paraside borne illness. The tests (except for one which is still to return) all proved negative.

But right after that doctor visit, he began regular bouts of fever/chills/fever/chills. The fevers weren't bad -- 99 to 100.5 or so, but enough to make him feel wretched. Wakes up two or three times a night, drenched; then starts shivering like mad. So we went back to the doctor who decided maybe it was ehrlichiosis (the one test that hadn't come back) and started him on an antibiotic.

Three days later, Friday night, after the doctor's office had closed for the weekend, of course, his temperature went up to 102.8. I called the doctor and got the covering physician who switched antibiotics and said if it got worse over the weekend to call in and go for a lung xray to rule out pneumonia (although his lungs SOUND clear and his blood count is good). It didn't get worse but it didn't get better either.

So today, back to the doctor, and then off to the clinic for xray; also being sent for CT scan of abdominal region to rule our abscess/tumour; AND echocardiogram to rule out heart infections.

We'll know tomorrow about the chest xray and eventually, when we get scheduled for the others, about the other possibilities. But it's so strange.

He really is asymptomatic, except for chills and fever and feeling punk because of it.

ANyone else have anything like this????


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I would ask them to do blood cultures. If they suspect a heart infection they will need them anyway to know what the bacteria is. With an unexplained fever you need to be careful. It may be an intestinal infection also- I know we've had several members get that c-diff bacteria. I hope he feels better soon.

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I don't know what to say. I know my dad had the fever/chills thing when he got dehydrated. He had an infusion and all was ok. However, 3 days after that infusion he needed another, and then he also got the pneumonia.

I hope you get some answers! God bless and be sure to let us know!


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Hi Ellen,

Len sounds pretty sick to me. I don't know, there are so many "bugs" that can cause him to have these symptoms.

I did have something dreadfully serious that started out with fever/chills in the middle of the summer. Document every little symptom that Len has... rash, pain, burning, itching, check temp throughout day, swelling of joints, eyes, appetite throat, mouth...etc. I had symptoms that were far beyond frightening. This was long before lc. I hope that what he has doesn't become inflated and resolves shortly.

There are so many illnesses that mimic each other and what Ry says is a precautionary statement for bacterial endocarditis. Could be a kind of rheumatoid disease, could be liver, could be any number of viruses that got ahold of him.

Keep copious notes just in case you need them. If his internist cannot figure it out, he may benefit from an infectious disease specialist.

Get well soon, Len!

Cindi o'h

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Thanks, everyone. I'm hoping for a virus but, of course, pessimist that I am, fearing the worst. I will mention the blood culture to the doctor, Ry, although I certainly hope that it's not that....

We're waiting for the xray results and for the other tests to be scheduled. And if all else fails, I will ask to see an infectious disease specialist. I know our gp and I'm sure that's in the back of her mind as well. No false pride for that lady, thank heavens.

And maybe it'll just go away.......?????!!!!


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I forgot to add sensitivity to light?

and noise?

upper right quadrant pain?

swollen lymphs?


spleen/liver tenderness?

pneumonia? coughing?


Check for CMV (cytomegalovirus) antibodies and white cell count.

EBV Epstein-Barr Virus

both these viruses can be lethal if someone's immune system is knocked down.

Cindi o'h

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All I can say at this point is


Waiting to hear -- nothing yet from chest xray; echo-cardiagram set for next Monday (now, that's a wait...) and they haven't contacted us yet for the CT scan appt...

So am doing as you advise, keeping notes, keeping fingers crossed and hoping all this is just a temporary blip and will be gone tomorrow....


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