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Cat Scan

David A

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Hi everyone, tommrow I go see my oncologist to find out the results from my latest cat scan which was last saturday, I'm thinking everything is fine as I haven't heard a word from anyone, think they would call if there were something amiss, right? A little nervous as I have been having lots of pain, some like a burning, and some like a dull ache on the same side sa my cancer was and in my chest area, it will be good to get a dr's opinion on that too.

Things are a little more askew here then normal as my 78 y.o. father is in chronic renal failure and getting dyalisis(sic) now, he isn't a happy man to begin with, throw all this in and now he is real angry. Kinda glad he lives 75 miles away. Feel bad for my sis who lives 2 miles away though. I watched my wife's mother go through all this and it wasn't a pretty picture, can't imagine it is going to be much better for dad. Luckily since I waas dx he has watched what he says to me and kinda treats me with kidgloves( which I've needed at times and not at others). I just hope he goes peacefully.

Sorry I got so far off topic, once I start never know what I'll type.

God bless everyone!

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Hi David...

I am experiencing a bit of the same thing. Had a CT Scan done last Sunday and my visit with my oncologist isn't until Sept 29th. Haven't heard anything from them so, like you, am hoping no news is good news.

Also, I am experiencing a tremendous amount of pain in back and am very worried about that!!!

Good luck tomorrow.. Will say a prayer tonight

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I know the feeling-wait wait. Like you I always figured if there was something wrong they would call me in early. As for the pain. I get alot of pain midsternal and to the R around where the primary was. The Dr said it is arthritis caused by the 1st rounds of chemo?? All the scans say nothing there so who knows.

prayers with you :)

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