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Hello. My name is Mary and I am new to this group. I was given this web site from another person who has lung cancer as I do. I was diagnoised with cancer in June, 2006. It was discovered through ct scans as I have emphysema and was being treaded for it when a spot was discover on my right lung. I had biopsy in May, 2006 after having a Pet scan. The results were conferemed to be cancer. I have stage 3B nonsmall cell that is fairly advanced. I have chosen NOT to have chem or rad. I just want to talk to someone that will talk to me and not "preach" to me to have the treatment. This is my decision. The average time is 10 months but could be two years or next week. I just want to talk to someone in the same boat. Talk to me if you want. Mary

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Hi and welcome Mary,

So sorry about your diagnoses and your need to be here, however...you have found a wonderful place, filled with wonderful people for support and advice.

I respect your position in regards to your illness and I wish you the very best with your choice.

Warmest regards,


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I'm sorry that you have been diagnosed with lung cancer but welcome to this website. People here are wonderful. I also respect your decision regarding treatment. I was diagnosed with NSCLC IIIA in June '06. I on the other hand will take whatever treatment they will give me, currently just completed 6 cycles chemotherapy and 34 days of daily radiation. One more to go. I wish you the very best.


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Mary, We will not preach to you. The decisions are yours to make and I believe everyone here respects that. I personally can not help to much but can help some.

We have 3 Forums which will probably help.

1. The Path less travelled is designed with Members who have elected to follow the Non conventional treatment path and we do have some members who have done this.

2. Alternative treatments forum which will help with ideas and what you can do without using conventional treatments. You will see my namme in there because I do a lot of research and some times find things that will help there. Something I have been supportive of but did not try for My Late Wife.

3. Finding a Buddy will help you find out exactly who is doing the same thing. I am not positive on exactly who but know of a few members once again.

I have tried several support groups and found this group to be the best around for help compassion and understanding. Welcome and sending prayers for you. Keep us posted and we can help whenever possible with whatever you may need.

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Hello Mary and welcome,

I am sorry you had reason to find us but very glad that you have.

This is a wonderful site, full of caring and compassionate people who will be here for you to offer support and a shoulder to lean on.

Please let us know how we can help,


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Welcome Mary:

While I'm sorry you had to find us, I'm glad your acquaintance gave you the tip-off to this site -- I think you'll find a wonderful group of people here who will support you no matter what your decision is regarding treatment. It is your decision, and we all respect that. Our Path Less Travelled forum was created specifically at the request of a dear member who did just what you have chosen to do.

Keep us posted, ask lots of questions, and rant/rave when you need to......we're really good listeners and understand the journey, its ups and downs, and its options.

Take care,


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Hi Mary,

I'm sorry you need to be welcomed to the board. As others have told you, The Oath Less Traveled is for those who seek others making the same decision.

I was diagnosed with stage IV a year ago April. I also decided to not have chemo - but got talked into it. I cannot say that I am sorry. I have been in extremely good health so far - except for requiring extra sleep. When something comes up, my doctors are great about sceduling me and taking care of it.

Still, I respect you decision and wish you the best.


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Hi Mary and welcome. Treatment or no treatment is totally your decision. My cancer was also discovered during the emphysema diagnosis and after several tests was deemed inoperable. I did however pursue the radiation and 6 round of chemo and now am waiting to have a PET scan done on 9/28/06. Do you have family around you for additional help and support?

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