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Getting to Know You - August 29


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Let's play pretend today. Let's pretend that you all live here in the "sunshine state" of Florida, like me. A hurricane is barreling down and you have been told to evacuate. You can only take 3 things with you. What would you take?

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I have a really tight locking Rubbermaid tub that I have ready to throw stuff in in case a storm comes this way. Last night, I put in my photo albums, important papers and a change of clothes and a toothbrush. If I have to run, that box is what I'll grab. If I can't grab it, the contents will stay dry and float to safety!!!

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Hard to chose 3 but it would be Misty, important papers and all of my pictures(vidios encluded)I would hate to leave Johnny's guitar behind but he hadn't owned it that long and I guess my papers are more important.

When we had the fire 2 years ago I only had about 10 minutes to grab what I could and run. I did manage to get all of those things even the pictures off the walls. I grabbed my box of floppies too(my story of mine and Johnny's love was in there). I took the last set of clothes he had worn as well. What did I not take? Clothes for myself. I grabbed a hand full but no underclothes, no shorts (it was near 110 outside) and some pants that were too tight. Not even something comfortable to sleep in.

Once away it was not the clothes I thought of, it was things like Mama's wooden bowl she made bread in, Johnny's brush with his hair still in it and several things my grandchildren had given me. When I returned and saw the extent of the damage the fire had done all around us I really began to realize what a miracle looks like :!:

Ann take care. Remember it is not always the Andrews, Ivans or Katrinas that do all of the damage or kill. I have not forgotten Juan, or Allison just to name a couple.

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