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Prayers needed again.


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Hey There,

Just a quick update. The results from the labs aren't done yet, but the doctor is keeping my Father over night since he/she doesn't understand the root of the fever. Doc thinks that it's an infection saying that he wouldn't have a fever if it wasn't so. They took some scans of his heart and liver.

Please keep praying,


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Another update....

My Mother had originally called to say that the doctor said that my Father has a lung infection that showed up in two spots and that he can go home and recover if he wants with some antibiotics. Doc said that it would be better to go home so that he's not exposed to more germs than necessary. Doc then went to look at the scans again and said that he would like him to stay overnight at the hospital for observation just for safety and that he can be discharged in the morning.

Anyone have experience with lung infections? This sounds naiive - but I had bronchitis which the doc had catergorized as a lung infection as well.

I'm seeing being prescribed antibiotics as a good thing. Or am I being too optimistic?

Thanks bunches again :P


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Sending Prayers For The family. Rememeber sometimes the Hospital is the Best place to bbe in order to recover and Fight this disease but only temporarily. Think Positive.

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Update for the day...

I spent about 10 hrs at the hospital today to keep my Father company. The doc had ordered a CT scan to get a more accurate look at the lungs and to verify the pneumonia. He said that typically fevers don't occur after 48 hrs of being on antibiotics.

Thankfully, the CT scan showed that he has pneumonia and that it's not cancer activity. His symptoms tends to be chills, fever then followed by sweating. After the sweating stage he feels much better. He had a temp of 101 this morning and then normal for the majority of the day. Once I left, he developed another 101 temp. He has a little SOB when he has the fever, fatigue. He also has low potassium and magnesium levels so he took some potassium pills and had a magnesium drip.

We had a student nurse for the beginning of the evening. He was very attentive - but unfortunately he made my Father scream in pain when he repeatedly try to put another IV in - since that was unsuccessful we ended up using the old IV site. Ugh. The nurse who gave the heparin shot wasn't gently either in the morning - it was literally a stab to the stomach.

It also took an hr to get an ice pack for the fever. I ended up running down to CVS and bought some no freezer needed disposable packs. Then the nurse brought a pack that was just cool.

Sorry, definitely rambling right now. Thanks for listening though.



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