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Hello, I am new here.


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My mother who is 78 was just diagnosed with lung cancer. She has Stage IIIB with lymph node involvement with the media steinum (chest area). The tumors are very small less than 1cm but because of location are not operable at this time. She starts radiation treatment next week in addition to chemotherapy. She is to have radiation every day for five or six weeks and the chemo is 3 days every 3 weeks. She is scared to death of getting sick from the chemo. The chemo the doctor is using is cisplatin and etoposide. He as prescribed an anti-nausea drug called emend. Will this do the trick? I am not dealing with this very well as I am her only child and my father is deceased. I am very upbeat around her but when I come home to my family I am a basket case. What can we expect? I am happy that there is a support group that I can talk to even if it is only online. Any information you can give will be appreciated.

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I am so very sorry to hear about your mom. I know how difficult and scary this must be for you and for her. It is especially so in the beginning before the fight begins and as you face the unknown.

I just wanted to let you know that Cisplatin and Etoposide was my husband's second line of chemo.

It is a rough chemo, I won't lie about that. But the Emend is a wonderful anti-nausea drug. He never once threw up while on it. He found that it was best to take the Emend first thing as he got out of bed, even if he wasn't nauseous yet, it was better to take anti-nausea med on schedule to keep nausea from happening instead of trying to use it after the fact.

For him, the effects of the chemo with the Emend left him with fatigue, general icky feelings, achiness. He said it was a lot like a hangover. But nothing he couldn't live with. He was still able to pretty much participate in everything like normal. Just the day after chemo he needed to take it easy and rest a lot.

It is also very important that your mom drink lots of fluids during treatment. Chemo has a tendency to promote dehydration and sometimes the side effects of the dehydration can be worse than the chemo side effects. So lots of water, gatoraide, juice, whatever she will take. As far as food, she will want to keep her strength up, and chemo will definitely make her not want to eat as much. Many people here have found that doing a small meal/snack every couple of hours works better than 3 regular meals. That way there is always a little something in her stomach to help stave off the nausea and get her calories in. Also suggest boost or ensure as a nutrient suppliment.

I am so sorry your family is going through this, but I am glad you found us here. This is a wonderful group full of great advice, knowledge, support and love.

I wish your mom the best of luck with her treatment, and I will keep you both in my prayers.


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First I'm glad you found us, but so sorry about your mom. My husband had that chemo combo. for this first treatment of chemo. Like Carleen said, it can definitely take its' toll. But the dr. and nurses will be monitoring your mom closely, expect the weekly blood tests, her blood cell and/or platlette counts may drop, so that may warrant shots of something like aransep, or neulstra, or if real low transfusions, which are not uncommon.

I totally understand about how overwhelmed you are. I hope I didn't scare you. That isn't my intent. But the one thing I can tell you and I've said before and I know alot of people here will agree to, is that everyone is different, and can react differently, what my husband may have experienced, may not be the case for your mom at all.

But that combo, and I don't know what type of LC your mom has, but my husband has Small Cell, and that chemo combo is the "gold standard" and has helped shrink tumors.

I would also tell you, mom is going to be tired, and food may taste different, so you may want to get some Boost or Ensure for her, I know it helped my husband... I'm sure where she is going for treatment will have some for her to try.

All I really can tell you is that, the best you can do is to take one step at a time. I know all to well how overwhelmed you can get, hell I still do myself. But I can say if LCSC wasn't here for me, I would be a total wreck. Please know people here do care and we do listen and understand.


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Hello tk1235

Welcome to the boards. I am sorry to hear about your mother. Please know that this site is full of wonderful and caring people who are more than happy to share their knowledge and experiences with you.

Feel free to ask any and all questions you have. As you can see the advice here is plentiful and we will all do what we can to help you along this journey.

All the best to you and your mom,


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Thank you for your support. I am so very sorry to hear about your husband, Carleen. Sometimes I wonder if all of this is worth it as it seems that there is no cure for lung cancer. The treatments just extend the life. I will tell my mother what you send about the emend. She was told by the doctor to take it 1 hour prior to her treatment and then 1 the next day and 1 the day after that. I honestly believe that she can take all of the other stuff that goes along with this but the nausea scares her to death. My mother quit smoking 23 years ago. Who would have ever thought that her smoking when she was younger would have caused her to have cancer. The sad part of this is that if she would not have had a routine x-ray because of bronchitis this would have never got caught, as she had no other symptoms. Her doctor said she has asymptomatic lung cancer. She was scheduled for surgery two weeks ago. The surgeon said that there would be 3 parts to the surgery. The first they did a broncoscopy, which was negative. The second part would be a biopsy of the lymph nodes that lit up in her pet scan, and if the lymph nodes were negative than he would remove the upper portion of her right lung. The third part of the surgery never happened as the lymph nodes were malignant and now we are at the treatment level. My worst fear is if she has a bad experience with the first week of treatments that she won't want to go on with the rest of the treatments. Thank you again for the support as I know from experience how much support helps. I lost my 20 year old daughter 10 years ago and if it wouldn't have been for the support group I attended I would have lost my mind.


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I am sorry about your mom. I know how scared you are. I do not know anything about that particular chemo, but you are getting feedback from people who have.

I just want to say one thing. LC is NOT a death sentence. So please get that out of your mind. You must keep a postive attitude that she can beat this.

There are so many people who have beaten the odds and are doing just fine today. Many were stage 4 who have been told they have months and it has been years. There is so many different treatments out there, they just have to find one that will work for her. So please do not listen to statistics.

We are always here for you 24/7 for questions, support, prayers or for you just to vent.

Keep the faith as it has moved mountains.


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Hi, and welcome. Sorry about your mom. You have to look at the chemo and radiation as helpers to defeat the cancer. My wife has had five chemo regimens and numerous radiation treatments, and is still here after 4 years, being a productive human being. We cherish the extended time the treatments have provided. I hope your mom is as fortunate. Don

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Hello and welcome.

Consider that the medical treatment of cancer is just one aspect of the path to healing. Having hope is just as important. Don't cave in to the statistics. Your mom is a unique person with an unique cancer and there is hope that she will respond well to treatment.

Don M

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