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not good news


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Hey all~

We got the results back yesterday from the latest scan.

A new lesion on T3- bone in back. (T2 was the first to flare up in July 2005.)

Off of Tarceva on to Alimta and Decadron (totally freaked out by the Decadron!!)

Will start taking OxyContin and Oxycodone for pain.

I am just now getting very upset!! I was so, so relieved that it wasn't in the liver and adrenal glands. They didn't do an MRI. I guess I should be worried about that too!

You know you're not in Kansas anymore when the report is (only) one new spot of cancer and you feel like you just won the lottery!!

Can I just say that I want to get one of those t-shirts that says "Cancer Sucks", wear it everyday and go on my own stop-the-world-from-smoking crusade by taking the evil things right from their hands and stepping on them (my mom smoked for 45 yrs).

I do feel better after that little rant! Thanks!!

Love you all!!

Kelly :evil:

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Sorry about the not so good news, Kelly. You KNOW I am always cheering for only great results for your Mother. Well, a plan is in place. Rant and rave here (and let me help you with that) and then get your grip back and on to the fight anew.

I am not truly understanding why this has happened. Seemed that your Mother and I were pretty much dx the same with the same tx. Lean on me any time you feel the need.

Love, prayers and comforting hugs to you AND Mom.


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Isnt it crazy how everyones cacner takes a different turn?

I am sorry you didn't get better news and I wanted to also say I have been on my high horse about smoking.

At the local high school they are doing a violence awareness thing concerning all the school shootings. There are posters all over the walls. I want to post a picture of my mom 1 1/2 years ago, then one 6 months ago, and write wbout how much pain this has caused so many people. My young children will forget her, she will nto be at graduations and weddings. Sadley it will fall on deaf ears. I smoked in high school too.

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Just want you to know that I am thinking of you.

At least the news was not too bad. Now you just have to do what you gotta do. It sucks but faith keeps us going.

Rant anytime. We will always be here for you.

Maryanne :wink:

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