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My Dad:Darrell RIP


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Dad told me about this site many times and he showed me how some people had lost their loved ones or family and I thought it was so sad. Now I know how anyone who has lost someone to this horrible disease. I HATE IT!! Its not fair. Dad was such a wonderful person and I thought he was going to live forever and walk me down the isle some day. But, that will not happen. When I heard he was in the CCU unit I rushed to see him, because I didn't know if it was going to be my last time or not. I am 8 months pregnant and wasn't suppose to travel but I did anyway. Dad died a week later and I just wish I could have done more but I know that I couldn't. Now my prayers are with everyone and their families. If anyone needs advice or comfort just let me know and i will be willing to give anything I can. You all have helped my dad so much just my listening and giving advice, I could never thank you enough. I will always miss my dad and it seems like each day is getting harder and harder. I wish you all could know how awesome he was.. God Bless!

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Oh Kari Jo,

I am so so sorry sweetie for your loss... I just wish you dad would have met his grandchild. But I know that he will be looking down upon you during your blessed event with that handsome face and that wonderful smile of his.

I could just imagine how wonderful your dad was in person. Even though we did not know him personally in the physical state, he was a class act and a genuine gentleman who only gave encouragement along with hope to so many people on here. He never complained about himself as he was going through his own demons :evil: That is why his passing was such a shock to us as he never never let us know how sick he was. He was so brave.

It was a pleasure knowing him on here and his presence will be sadly missed. There is a big void here as we will not see that smiling face anymore.

I have a suggestion that might help you heal, and that is to make some kind of scrapbook memory book of him, pictures, letters, shared memories etc. As your baby is growing up you can read the book and share all the memeories of this courageous man. You may even want to print out some of our comments from our posts about him so your child will know what a special grandfather he or she had.

Kari, I know it is not fair as he faught so hard and was much too young to leave this earth, so keep those momories of him alive in your heart of hearts and there he will always live on through you.

He may have left his diseased body but heaven sure received a beautiful soul named Darrell Barnes.

We are always here for you if you need us. We can help you through this with support and prayers if needed.

Please keep us informed about the arrival of your baby. That will be a bittersweet day for you. A new life will begin and that is Priceless!!

Peace be with you.



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I am so sorry about your loss. My mom is also sick and told me about this site. She thinks of people on this site like a family and as I read people's posts I totally understand why. I am having a hard time dealing with the fact she is sick and my heart just hurts so much for you right now. This disease truly SUCKS!! I wish I had words to say that can comfort you at this horrible time. I can tell you I am around if you would like to talk. I wish you the best. I am so sorry you have to go through this.

Dana (daughter of Joanie55)

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I am so very sorry for you loss. Your dad was such a well loved person here on this board. I know he would be happy to know that you are a part of this "family" here. Please know that we are all here for you. Please keep in touch with us and let us know all about how that baby is doing.

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This disease is NOT fair. I am so sorry you lost your dad. We did not know him personally but it was obvious he was an AWESOME person. He was taken from this earth WAY too soon and I am so sorry he will not be here for the birth of your son (though I am sure he will be looking out for both you). Prayers for you and your family. Please come back to let us know when your precious baby is born.


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I am truly sorry for your loss. Your Dad's posts always brought a smile to my face. He was truly a special person, in a place that seems to have very many special people. The strength and courage of all on these boards is a constant source of amazement and comfort to me.

This is just such a rough time for you and I'm glad you stopped by our little community. Please take care of yourself (and your little bambino-to-be) and stay in touch. We are always here to lend an ear and offer comfort.



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I'm so sorry for your loss.

You are so kind to say you'd be there for folks here...please know we all feel the same and would like to offer you the same comfort when you need it.

We didn't know your dad like you did, so we don't exactly know, but we generally know. And it does suck.

Again I am truly sorry.

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