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2nd week and all well


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Just to inform you all that I'm in my 2nd week, and still feeling tried but things seems pretty good over all. I'm still doing radiation 5 x wkly and Chemo 1 x wkly. I can feel the effects but I try to push my way thru and fight sleeping.

I didn't return to work because of who I work with, I'm an drug counselor and some of my patients are from the streets and have not saw a doctor in years, the concern was that I could pick up something based on my system being weaken form my treatment.

Try it again next week.

Just an update


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Great to read your update. That is a good call not to go in to work. I teach high school and was told to not go in for work for the same reason. All turned out well for me and I pray that it will for you also. Be sure to drink lots of water while you are on chemo. Prayers for complete healing continue for you.


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Good to hear that you are tolerating things well, It is looking as though I will be going through the same thing before long. It was very promising for me to hear you are doing well with treatments it makes it a little easier to face what I may be going through. Thanks so much for posted this.

Best of luck to us ALL !

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Glad the treatment is being tolerated reasonably well, I have found that a part of the new normal (after cancer) extra sleep is just a requirement. With radiation, it's even more necessary.

And please take some time off from work. Much too high a risk of germs. When I was really low, I tried to stay home or go someplace when they first opened, do my business and then leave. I no longer shake hands or hugs and kisses to the family. We throw kisses and do air hugs! They know I still love them - but I take no chances.


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TBones that is great that you are tolerating treatments well. I was never a person that could take a nap during the day because I always woke up with a headache. Well guess what .... somewhere during those 35 radiation treatments I certainly learned how to take one and not even feel bad about it. Our bodies tend to do a lot of healing and repair when we sleep. Not sure what chemo cocktail they have you on but be sure you drink lots and lots of water and get any rest your body wants because it truly knows what it needs to feel better.

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