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Introducing Myself


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First I want to say that I have been lurking for a couple of weeks and am so thankful for all of the first-hand information. My husband of 27 yrs was diagnosed with sclc with mets to brain and liver on Dec. 4th. He's 56, I'm 48. We have 2 children and three grandchildren.

So for we have been through 2 rounds of chemo and 1 10 day round of whole brain radiation, the doctor said a scan in 6 weeks and maybe gamma knife.

We have and are keeping a very positive attitude, he is responding well to treatment the lung cancer had shown some shrinkage after the first round of chemo so thats when they decided to offer the whole brain radiation. he's not been sick at all from treatment just very tired. his appetite is good and has been eating very well.

He's been having problems sleeping with night sweats all night.

It's just so very hard watching someone who was strong and vibrant, get weaker and weaker. His hair started to fall out so we decided to head it off at the pass and shaved, he's always had a full beard and it went too, It was very emotional for both of us.

Just wanted to introduce myself and say thanks for the comfort I have received here being able to converse with people who are experiencing the same feelings.

We live in NW PA.

I guess i'm rambling I seem to do alot of that lately.

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest


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Welcome to you, Loretta! It sounds as if the tx has been going well and you both are doing your best to keep your outlook positive. When you have the time, fill out a profile.....that is what you see under our names. Just click at the top of the page on My Profile and fill in all pertinent info. That will help the folks here be able to offer the best support and advice.

As a fellow Pennsylvanian, I warmy embrace you here. Just so very sorry you find the need to for such a place. Keep posting and updating and good luck as you enter this journey.


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Hello Loretta, I am glad that you decided to post. It is great your husband is responding well to the chemo and not getting hardly any side effects.

I am pretty new here too and these people here are the greatest, I love them all. The comfort and hope you find here will get you through bad days, they have so helped me.

Welcome to the forum

Debra A

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Hi Loretta and welcome.

I hope your husband continues to do well. If he is on decadron with the WBR, it can really disturb your sleep. And radiation causes a lot of fatigue. I have also found that after radiation is done, you get a second hit of fatigue - any where from 2 to 6 months later.

Best wishes.


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