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Hi Everyone


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Hello everyone. You all have helped me through this terrible time so much and I can't tell you how much I hav learned here. I just wanted to give an update on my father. I wish I could get that picture to post but it's too big I guess! go to: http://www.alcase.org/facing/facesoflungcancer/ to see us- third row down third picture in from left- big face!

Anyway, two monday's ago- the 8th, I called doc and told him dad's new symptoms. Falling, severe headaches, dizzy, and yes, dreaded seizures. Most small but some big and scarey. My aunt and I rused him in to doc for head ct. I fell off my chair when he explained what was happening. Seems dad's head is FULL of tumors. So much so, he called in other doctors to see the man that walked in by himself (although sometimes pushing himself off the walls) and could still speak (although slurred). He assured the others that this scan did indeed match this man. They were all amazed. How is he still breathing? How is his heart still pumping? Yes, it was a big day. I broke down and so did my aunt. finally my dad did too. They needed to reduce swelling IMMEDIATELY or he would not even make it another day. Steroids and radiation. They gave him, and us, one week. Well, here he is and we are pushing two weeks! My dad is such a fighter and truly amazing. His will to live is greater than anyone I have ever known and he just will not give up. I'm so proud of him. I have spent almost all of these past two weeks staying with him, constantly afraid like I'm walking on egg shells and yet I wouldn't have it any other way.

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sorry, I didn't get to finish that...Anyway, I REALLY want people to understand that docs don't always know everything. So many people think they do. Twice docs have had my father gone. It's your will, your positive thinking, your sense of humor (that's a big one!)- that does not show up on your xray/scan. Fight! Keep your chin up. Dad has me laughing every day and although it has to be difficult, he keeps smiling and laughing himself. This has been such a learning experience for me as I came into his cancer a control freak. Every second had to be controlled and knowledge would set us free. Huh!!! What will be will be my aunt says and some things I will NOT control! But I belive you have it in you to survive. Thanks for listening and being here for me.

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Hey SC,

I know exactly how you are feeling, my husband has ex sclc and he has has re-occuring brain mets all over and his dr. is amazed that he is still here as well! So there are stories of hope, my husband is still having dizzy spells and has experienced some weakness on his left side, but even w/ that he's still strong as an ox and gets around pretty good.

I guess for us and many here it's this ongoing rollercoaster, up and down. Tell your dad, I said he's a trooper like my husband, even my husbands' onc. can't tell my husband why, he's still here, and btw, he has been responding to just 1 chemo drug, etoposide - orally, it at this point it is helping! so I hope you tell your dad this too. Please keep in touch...


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Small Cell,

as Grace mentioned there are a number of people who

continue to fight back this monster. My husband Alan

had a large brain met crushing his brain stem. His

radiation oncologist did not promise any miracles,

only that he would do the best he could for Alan. He

advised my to get our affairs in order as he was not

sure how long Alan would have. Well that was in July

of 2005 and my man is still with us. Yes Jan of this

year the monster returned, but Alan has a great team

of Drs fighting right along with him and I believe

we will beat the beast back once again. Please know

we are praying of you and your Dad.

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