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Getting to Know You - January 24


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I'm usually much better at faces than remembering names but not always. I tend to associate faces with the places that I usually see the person, so when I see that person somewhere else I have a hard time remembering exactly who they are. For instance, I have been going into one little shop here for years. I know the owner, know her name and always call her by name when I go into the shop. Well...I saw her at Target once and totally couldn't remember who she was. Eventually, it hit me who she was but what a scary feeling until I remembered. For weeks, I was sure that Alzheimer and I were destined to meet. Unfortunately, I don't have any good tips for remembering names.

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As a teacher, I should be good with names, but I am not. I am better with faces...

However, I do have my students tell me one interesting fact about themselves, which helps.

Just the other day, I said to a student..."Yeah, you're the guy who eats breakfast for every meal," and he just laughed!


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I am so much better with faces, BUT I gotta admit that I can remember ALMOST most of thenames of the kids I taught over 34 years. Sometimes it freaks them out when I see them at the mall and can call them by name. I only wish I could remmeber important stuff now......like my husband's name, ya know. Sometimes I worry.


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I am definately a faces person. I see SO many people from day to day working in a hospital I can't keep track of them all. It's really funny when I don't recognize a face when I'm out shopping. Someone will say,"Hi! Do you remember us? You took care of my daughter", and she is standing there in front of me. I am totally blank and then I say,"That must have been my sister, my twin sister." She's a nurse. :D (I really do have a twin sister, and she is a nurse.)

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