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sister newly diagnosed with lung cancer


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Thank you Nina for contacting me. I am sure my sister's is just as confused by all this as I am. She never smoked. She receives her 3rd chemo today. As she lives out of state, I wish I was with her during this time. The fact that your scans have been clear is so encouraging. At this point, she is only doing chemo.

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Welcome, Suzy. There is a lot of support and information here......just so sorry you have the need for it. How about telling us a little more about your sister. At the top of this page you will find My Profile. Click on that and fill in all the pertinent info about your sister so the folks here can more readily offer their support/advice/expertise. Many here are beating the odds.....so can your sister.


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Hi and welcome. I'm sorry you had need of this site. I hope we can provide support for you and for your sister.

When I was diagnosed, I lived in CA. I relocated to FL and my sister relocated from NY. I'm so thankful she is here. We both had jobs that could be done from home, so we were very fortunate.

I hope chemo has good results. Let us know how things go.


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Thank you all for posting! I didn't return to this part of the boards as I had received so many responses from other members...you are quite active on this board! More than I am use to with other boards I have been on!

Let me tell you about my sweet sister! Her name is Diana and she lives in Montana, while I live in NY. She found out on her birthday last year Dec that she had lung cancer. I appreciate all the emails and posts that people have sent to me! Our family are non-smokers, so this was a shocker. What I am looking for, if someone is a knitter, are directions for caps I can knit for Diana. One of my friends gave me one set of directions....just have to find the yarn. I just knitted a wrap for her to wear for when she goes for her chemo and at home when she doesn't feel the greatest. Any other suggestions that I can offer her or do for her will be appreciated!

Thank you for all your support!

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