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Getting to Know You - February 2


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Happy Ground Hog Day !!!

Since central Florida has been bombarded by tornadoes overnight, I thought today would be a day to talk about weather. We're still under tornado warnings here, so say a little prayer, please.

What are the worst weather conditions you have ever been in?

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Goodness Ann i live in Tornado Alley but the worst Weather alway's seem's to be those Spring Blizzard's here in Kansas. In 1986 March the 16th i got caught in a Blizzard here with 85 MPH wind and my truck was blowed of the road twice, that was one of the scariest one's...

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Being in Iowa leaves me open to great weather disasters! LOL

We had an ice storm back when I was 13 or so that left us without power for almost 4 days. We lived in the country, so there was no going to the store for ANYTHING. We went down to the creek for water to flush with (and only if we HAD to), cooked our food on a propane camping stove and all snuggled up around the fireplace at night.

In '93 we had "the flood".

November of 05 I had the great pleasure of visiting my friend in Woodward at the very WRONG time. Weird late fall tornado wiped out her part of town...thankfully leaving her house standing...with us in the basement ready to kiss our a**es goodbye! :shock:

I figure I've been in one of each now and I should be done, right? RIGHT?? :shock::shock::lol:

Such is the life out here in the sticks!

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On Jan 18th l988 I was in a buiness building after hours working. It was raining hard. The lights went out and I went for a flash light. Next thing I knew I was under the entire building covered in insulation, electric wires, steel beams and tin roofing. I was not hurt but it took me almost an hour to climb out of all of that mess. When I reached the open I had no idea where I was for certain. The landscape was totally different. Buildings were gone, lights were out and it was raining hard. I walked down the road til I got to the highway and hitched a ride to my mother's house. I looked a mess with wet clothes covered in all kinds of building materials. I survived then and so far I have survived now. I still have no idea what God has in store for me but I feel like I should be "doing" something about the plan He has for me. I pray for Him to let me know what I am suppose to do and so far the message isn't very clear. All I know is I am still alive and happy about that part. To this day tornado warnings get me upset beyond normal limits and it takes a little xanax to calm me down.


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In 1970 we arrived in Montreal from England in time for the worst winter on record. A blizzard almost every week and no January thaw. What a shock for two people who were used to rain.

We came to VT in 2000 with the same kind of winter ahead of us, Richard supposedly broke his leg before Christmas (it's a long story!) and then the snow started falling.......week after week after week. Our cars weren't garaged and I discovered, week after week after week, that you can't clean 18 inches of snow off a Suburban when you're on crutches, nor can you shovel the walk or sand a driveway!

We lived in a rented house at the end of a private lane that did a fair imitation as an ice rink so I think 2000 wins in the horrible weather stakes.

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