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Terminal Lung Cancer

Pammy Sue

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My oldest brother was diagnosed with Lung Cancer Oct. 27th. It had moved to his brain, his spind (paralizing him) his kidney, pancreas and liver. We have been trying our best to help him as he is going through this. We have completed all of the ratdiation and Chemo that can be done and are now ready to call hospice in.

He won't eat or drink hardly anything and I feel like I have to treat him like a child to try to convince him to eat and drink. Any suggestions. He is dropping weight so very fast.

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I just finished sending you a PM, and then I saw this posting. I am so, so sorry about your brother's diagnosis. I thought in your other posting, you made the radiation sound so positive. I was hoping to read more good news. :(

As far as eating...is there ANYTHING that he likes? If that is the case, get him that...offer lots of different things. Is it painful for him to eat? There are meds to help that.

Please know you have my prayers.


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It may actually be best to *not* force him to eat. Don't deprive him of food... Always provide it and certainly go for ANYTHING that might be appealing to him, but.... it could be that his body is getting to the point when eating is just too hard. Follow his lead, and keep fixing and serving him meals, but don't try to wrestle the food into him.

((((((((hugs)))))))) I'm so sorry you are at this point.

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Depends if he is not eating bc of radiation burns or if it is the progression of disease. If it is radiation burns (feels like horrible burning in throat and chest), then try soft foods. If it is the other, it could actually make him feel worse to eat.

I am so sorry he is having such a tough time. Many hugs to you and your family...

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I am so sorry about your brother. It is very difficult to watch someone you love be so sick.

I hope it is that it is uncomfortable for him to eat because of the treatments but if it is the disease, it is better not to force him to eat, it can make him very uncomfortable.

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Hello Pammy

I am sorry about your brother. My only suggestions are about the same as Mary has mentioned. High calorie drinks such as milkshakes, Boost, Ensure, Carnation Instant Breakfast, maybe fruit smoothies, etc.

Please keep us posted and let us know how we can help


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