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Anyone but me ever thought about this ???


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I know this may sound really nuts but I'm wondering if any of you have ever thought about this?

Not too long ago, I had a really good friend that died. Arnie was aging and knew he was terminal. One day, in conversation, he told me he would tell Dennis "hello" for me and remind him that I love him and am always thinking of him.

Have you ever thought about that when someone dies? Do you think there's a possibility they could transmit a message for you to a loved one?

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Oh yes....

We had several significant deaths the year Mom died, and each time I hoped that they would give Mom a hug.

And everytime we lose someone special from here, I always thing--Mom--Go meet, such and such. Show 'em the ropes.

Andy and I also think a lot about his Dad and my Mom maybe knowing one another. They didn't at the time of his dad's death... but we've found so many things that they have in common--weird things like phrases they always used and musicians they loved. That always makes me smile too.

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It doesn't sound nuts to me. But in a similar way, when the day Carlton had died, my mom and sister ( now in two different cities, states ) saw a red cardinal ( remind you, winter in New England) and I knew that was a sign from my dad.

I truly believe my dad was waiting for Carlton and I know Carlton will definitely tell my dad, hello and all kinds of things going on in the family..


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I so want to believe in this.

When my mom was in the ambulance on the way to hospice, she was in a state of near-unconsciousness and her lucidity was almost non-existent. My sister Deb was with her, and with her eyes closed, my mom said softly , "Only one more string of lights until I'm with them.." Deb said "Who, Mom?" and my mom said "My parents, they're waiting for me..." Then she stopped breathing..temporarily. She lived another few days in an unconscious state, but I can't help but wonder what she saw. Her dad died when he was 46 from a brain tumor, and she mourned and missed him the rest of her life - she was a daddy's girl. It gave me some comfort that she might be reunited with him.

Sometimes when I'm driving I'll just look up at the sky and cry and say "Are you there? Somewhere?" It all just seems so final, I pray that she has an afterlife instead of nothingness. She DESERVED a wonderful afterlife, so I try so hard to believe that she is out there somewhere.

Maybe this is why I don't go to church as much as I should...

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I absolutely believe in this idea. In the waning hours of my Dad's life, I could almost physically feel my Mom's presence, as if she were waiting for him to take his last breath and go with her. I didn't even feel the need (nor would I) to ask him to give my Mom a hug because she was all around us hugging us. Then, with my Dad's last breath, they were both gone. It did feel like a hole was punched through the time-space continuum, or whatever it is called, for those few precious moments.

I know that since other family have passed they are finding and saying hello to my parents for me. Just feel it in my bones.

Just wish someone from the other side would send info my way somehow to help in my family history research! :D


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I don't talk about this too much as some non-believers give me some very strange looks, but here goes.

My B-I-L has the sixth sense, yes he sees dead people and it terrifies him! When my F-I-L was dying he became very animated and appeared to be interacting with someone (he had Alzeimers so didn't act too normal at the best of times).

Anyway my M-I-L stood at the bottom of the bed to speak to him and he became very agitated, when her son saw what was happening he moved her away and his Dad relaxed and went on as before. What we found out later was that Graham could see some people he didn't know, but his Dad did, standing at the bottom of the bed visiting with him and she had blocked his view of them.

Our daughter has realized that she too has this gift (?) and saw Richard's Dad looking after him when he had surgery last year (he assured her that her Dad was going to be okay). She also had that happen when I had surgery the year before but didn't recognize the people - she never met my parents or any one else from my family that had died.

So my answer is yes, I do believe that everyone we care about is waiting for us to join them and in all likelyhood messages will be delivered by those who go before us. I always felt that my mother knew what I was doing after she died - especially the things I wasn't supposed to be doing!! - and it always gave me a sense of wellbeing that I was being looked after.

So Ann, I'm sure that Denis knows how you feel about him still but is also happy that you've found happiness again.

Take care


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I think about this all the time too but my worry was that my mom would be "stuck" somewhere and not be able to get to the final place. She was a born again christian and I was raised that way so she very much believed in the idea of the heavenly palace and everlasting life. Me? Im not so sure. so I guess thats why I dont go to church as much as I should. Maybe thats why my dad is so ok and Im a basket case he believes that they will be together again for all eternity and I am not so sure.


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