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frustrated and tired

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There have been many times that I have wanted to post about being frustrated but have refrained because I didn't want to whine when it is my husband who is fighting for his life but...after 7 months of surgery, chemo, and radiation I am tired.

It wouldn't be so bad to work and take care of dh and the house but when a 3 year old and a 5 year old are added into the mix I am just worn out. There have been some days that are better than others when my dh feels energetic enough to help around the house or take a turn reading the kids their bedtime stories but those days haven't been here in a while. He finished the 33 radiation treatments a couple of weeks ago and his energy still hasn't returned. Add to the mix that it looks like he won't have a job to return to. I know he is frustated as well. Hopefully life will return to something resembling normalacy in a few weeks and he will find a job.

I'm sorry to complain when we are very lucky that there is not cancer showing at this point.

Thanks for listening/reading.


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I am not in your shoes..but wanted you to know that it's absolutely fine that you post your frustrations. I think every single one of us have felt the same sort of feelings, whether we voice them or not.

You are doing so, so much and it's important for your well being to try and arrange some *alone* time for yourself. It really will help.

Just know we are here, ok!

Sending love and prayers


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You have every right to be frustrated and tired. I get the same way. Maybe you can get someone to take the kids for a few nights just to have some quite in the house. Sometimes that is all I want is just some peace and quite or maybe treat yourself to a spa package for the day. I know this does not fix anything but it may help a little.

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Of course you're tired, look at all you have been thru, there is only one you, but yet you are being "pulled" in so many directions. I used to tell my family, I wasn't Superwoman, so if things weren't perfect, heck no, even just average, too bad, I can only do so much.

At the time my husband was going thru all his battle, I knew that we were going to have to live moment to moment, I couldn't plan anything big, it just wasn't possible, in fact when I thought about the future, near or far, it was too much, too overwhelming, so the best thing I could do was to stay in the present.


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I can't add to the wisdom of what the other's have posted. I too feel weary and don't have all the "extras" that you are dealing with. Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and holding you in my heart.

It is so hard to stay strong sometimes...


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I remember being where you are now. It will get better. He will get some energy and he will be able to help. Until then, you need to ask all those people that said "if you ever need anything" to help you out a bit. My mom did laundry for us-- I never asked her, she just showed up--and we had some meals dropped off by neighbors. I know it is hard to ask but please do.

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This forum is meant to be a safe place to come with those frustrations. Because we've all been through the, "I am exhausted and hurting and this hard, but my loved one is the one with the cancer," days.

I wish I could come over and babysit. I would in a heartbeat...

Definitely do find the people who said, "If there's anything I can do...." and give them specific tasks, or find out what they'd be most comfortable offering. You can't do this all alone--especially with kiddos in the mix.

Praying that you'll all be able to keep on keeping on.

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Everything gets amplified when dealing with LC.

Just because the disease is the focus doesn't mean that everything else goes away, just the contrary, all the other stuff seems to be worse because the ability to deal with it just isn't there.

I think it's pretty normal the EVERYTHING is a bit too much right now.

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