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My Soulmate Rests in Peace Tonight


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The love of my life has left to begin a new journey. He will be fiercley missed by our family. We have painfully endured seven months of lung cancer knowing that this was the probable outcome but fighting it with everything within us. He faced the past month in particular with such extraordinary courage and strength and engaged us all in the opportunity to experience an even different element of his being. In my early state of mourning, I still must pause and be thankful for the time I had with him, even though it was much too short. We loved each other passionately.

Thanks for all of your support! Without it, I would have shattered in my fears. The support I found here helped me to gather strength each day to keep fighting.

My youngest son wanted to say "Hi" and thank you for the support. He has read posts on here and smiled because of the compassion all of you have.

If my husband was in bed watching me right now, I would tell him that I was on the lung cancer website talking to the girls and trying to help make a difference in someone else's life experience and that always made him so proud.


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So sorry, sorry, sorry ((((Flowergirlie)))). Your hubby was much too young and fought way too hard for too short a time. I just hate this evil :twisted: disease.

You are a remarkable young woman. I hope we can help support you through this next, very difficult, phase of your journey. Many prayers are being sent for you and your whole family.


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I am so sorry for this terrible loss. ((((hugs)))) to you and the kids.

You were a wonderful caregiver and wife to your sweet husband. He was way to young to be taken from you and your children. This terrible evil disease :evil:

Peace and prayers to you and your family as you heal.


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