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Getting to Know You - April 24


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I did call my MIL "Mom" but never felt comfortable calling my FIL by anything other than his name. I think the reason I did this was because Dennis was much closer to his Mom than he was to his Dad.

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By name.

They were Mr and Mrs until we got engaged and then my future FIL (a really lovely man) says with a big grin " you needn't think you're going to call me Dad, my name's Bert" Okay, whatever.......I had a Dad and certainly didn't want another one.

As my MIL isn't always the cuddly motherly type it wasn't hard to use her name either!


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I always called them mom and dad. I felt funny calling them by name. I once asked my mom if that upset her when I called my in-laws mom and dad, and she said, "not at all" she was glad I had a warm and loving relationship with my in-laws.

My in-laws always referred to me as there daughter. My husband was an only child.

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