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new day....looking for a reason to smile


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When I got to work today I logged on and realized that I was not the only one stuck with the overwhelming feelings of grief yesterday. There were so many feeling that huge void since losing our loved one.

I thought it might be a good idea for us to start today with a smile. Think back to a memory that you have of your loved one that you would like to share..one that brings a smile to your face and I'm sure to those that will read your post.

Anyone want to go first? :D

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I was just talking about Fridays, back when Hunter was a baby and Mom & I would go garage saling. She would hop out, scan the sale, see if it was worth getting the baby out of the car seat or not. We had a system, when it came time to change his diaper, she would hold him up, I would take off his pants, diaper, then bag and re diaper and pull his pants back on while she had him suspended by the arm pits by the side of the road. I am sure people thought we were nuts. Then (even before Hunter could eat solid food) we would go to McDonalds and get Happy Meals for ourselves.

After she died I found 2 big paper grocery bags STUFFED with Happy Meal toys. I am talking HUNDREDS, still in the bags.

I am guessing about 10 years worth.

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This memory is about my parents and though many years have passed it always makes me smile to remember.

For years my dad had a problem with drinking, during that time he made it pretty hard on Mama but she kept going and stuck by him. They had some pretty strange ways sometimes.

One time my youngest son and I were visiting them. Daddy seemed to end every event by heading to the bedroom for a nap, mumbling about something all the way there. My mom would look after him and mumble a few shall I say "choice words". That day after he got settled in and she had got her thoughts of her chest he yelled to ask her something. In the sweetest of voices she said "What do you want Honey? I thought my 14 year old son would wet his pants laughing :)

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Oh My God Katie, that is too funny! :lol::lol: I can just hear your mom say that too! TOO TOOO FUNNY!

I think back on when my mom was sick and was laying in her hospital bed (which was in my dinning room). It was somewhat stuffy in the house but the air was on yet my mom was laying in her bed with the railing up and she said to me, "Will you please put these railings down so I can get some air in here?" Now mind you, the railings were two little rails and nothing more then that. Also a fan was blowing directly on her.

We got a chuckle out of it. I have so many wonderful and fun memories of my lost family members. It's easy to find a good memory when I'm feeling sad. I still miss them, but I know they are all together and okay and that I will be with them in time to come.

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The memories that come flooding back for me about my dad..are bittersweet as well. Guess it because his birthday is in a few days and my heart is always a little heavier the closer it gets.

Thank you Melinda for your post. I am going to log off now and think of the happy, fun times with my dad.

Love, Libby

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When my son was about four years old, he wanted to be with his daddy and do everything his daddy did, so Chuck gave him an old wood cabinet and some nails and a tack hammer - told him he could do anything he wanted with that little cabinet. Chuck went on working on his own project - pretty soon Greg was saying "ouch" every time he missed the nail and hit his fingers. Since the tack hammer has a small surface, it's harder to hit the nail. Chuck looked at him and said "do you want a bigger hammer, Buddy?" The answer: "No, Daddy, this one hurts bad enough".

Katie, I don't think anybody can top your story. That is just hilarious.

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On day my youngest son and I arrived at my Moms house. She was always very handy around the house and was in the process of installing a new door bell chime. She was looking forward to us arriving since my son is an electrician and she was in need of a little help. As we walked in she said "good your here, I got a ding but I can't get a dong" My son and I looked at each other and burst into laughter.

One other instants that make me laugh to this day was when I had this bump on my wrist. She immediately knew what is was but couldn't think of the name. So finally she yells out "hit it with a book, hit it with a book!!!!!" I thought she was losing it. Ganglion cyst would be the answer.

Makes me smile.



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My mother had the longest eyelashes you've ever seen...and they were real.

To this day I tell people that who knew her for years and they are shocked. Of course they proceed to tell me I must be wrong...they can't be real...I'm only her son. I think I would know.

Anyway. When I was in 2nd grade mom went for back surgery. They sedate her and before they knocked her out, wheeled her into the O.R. and the doctor says, "What is this patient doing with makeup still on, get these eyelashes off of her." And so the nurse starts to pull. My mom in her sedated state starts protesting "They're real. They're real."

They figured it out.

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Katie, I can't stop laughing about your post. That is SO funny...

My two sisters and my mom had just started a new tradition in the last few years - we would all have a "girls" weekend at the beach in the fall. The hotel we picked on the second trip (right before we found out she was sick) had free wine and cheese in the lobby every afternoon. The hotel was almost empty because it was late November at the beach.

My mom was by no means a big drinker, and she was a tiny little person...well, we went down to the lobby to have a glass of wine, and within a half hour my mom was feeling no pain. Tired of the back and forth to get more wine, she finally marched over to our seating area with the entire tray of carafes. The desk clerk shot her a look but my mom just breezed on by. "C'mon, girls, one more glass!" Next thing you know the carafes are empty and we are up in our room just having a little fun, I thought. Next thing you know hotel security is knocking on the door to tell us (esp. my mom) that we are being too loud and there has been a complaint from next door. My mom was pretty feisty but ALWAYS a lady...but oh, she was she having too much fun and did NOT want to be told otherwise. While glaring at the door next to our room, she starting loudly asking the poor security guy what kind of "FUDDY DUDDY" (who USES that word?) would call security on us at 6:00 at night, etc. etc. I know it sounds terrible, but my sisters and I were in absolute stitches, and we realized what a great tradition this trip was becoming, just so spontaneous and fun. We rode her the rest of the weekend about it as she nursed her headache. We never got to do another trip with her. But how I will cherish those few memories....

My cell phone stopped working right after she passed away and the phone store was unable to save all the pictures I snapped during that weekend - I cried right in front of the poor store employee...

Another memory that always makes me smile and tear up is watching the post-delivery video of my son Kyle's birth (my mom and Kyle were soulmates). The camera is panning around and the nurses are cleaning him up, etc...and amid all the chaos and happy voices you can hear my mom's voice whispering over and over "Oh, Michele, look at him, he is PERFECT. Just PERFECT." In all the pictures of her holding him that day she has wet red eyes b/c she wept tears of joy. I have never seen her more moved than at that moment she met him, even though she already had 12 grandchildren. It was magical.

Thank you, Melinda.

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