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Tarceva woes:-(


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Mom has only been on Tarceva for a week. She still has no rash or diarrhea , which is the usual, but she is having a lot of other side effects. You might know that her onc is in England and she went into the clinic to see her nurse, physician's assistant and got advice from another doc. She has an extremely sore tongue and mouth , even after the use of magic mouth wash and she has started having fatigue, cough and shortness of breath. They checked her out good today, did lots of blood work and she will go for a chest xray in the morning. They wanted her to go today, but she was so exhausted. They took her off the meds until all info is in and the doctor advises what to do next. We are hoping that she can stay on Tarceva and just lower the dosage. I am just posting this for the ones that have asked how she is doing and also as a source of information to others who might encounter the same problems. I know how much I have appreciated others doing the same. Just so you know, Mom is cheerful , laughing and has a great attitude. Will let you know how this progresses. God Bless you all.

Luv ya,


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Glad to hear about the positive and great outlook. Prayers for good scans and test results and that this is nothing serious.

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I'm so glad you updated us, Sue. Hope everything progesses in a positive direction for you and mom. And BTW..........don't apologize for letting us know. We WANT to keep informed, ya know!!!! Keep us informed as to what the next step is whenever you hear.



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