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Prayers needed for LCSC Member Estelle

Guest DaveG

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I saw Estelle today and was able to talk with her. She spend the past weekend in hospital because of a suspected stroke, however it was not a stroke. She has blood clots in her brain and legs and has been put on an anticoagulant. She walks with help now. She is also having memory problems, especially relating to date, time, and names.

She was supposed to get chemo today, but because of the blood clots, the chemo was cancelled. They have put her on Iressa.

I have been Estelle's lung cancer mentor, as she lives close to me. She, also, used to work with my wife. Seeing Estelle, in her current condition, has been very hard for both my wife and myself.

Estelle needs our prayers.

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I called Estelle tonight and she sounds much better than yesterday. She says she is feeling much better and her husband agrees.

She still is in need of our prayers, as her status is day by day. I thank everyone for their prayers and please keep praying for Estelle and all of us who are fighting Lung Cancer.

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Dear Estelle,

Hope Dave will print out all of these good wishes that are being sent your way and give them to you. I'm very glad to hear that you are feeling better, and I hope that your doctors are able to get the blood clots under control, so that you are able to get up and around with more ease very soon. You hang in there, Warrior Woman.

Fay A.

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