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Yankee or Dixie Quiz....Fun


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I scored 81% Dixie. I've lived my entire life in the south and can't understand why my score wasn't even higher...lol! I guess I have some Yankee in me by marriage, as Dennis was from Queens, NY. While taking the test, I had to actually stop and think about the terms that I used all my life versus the terms Dennis taught me.

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Nearly 90% Dixie for me, and "dern proud of it too"! 8)

Harry is a Yankee, thru and thru! We always say that it's just the like Civil War all over again here at our house at times!! :D

He says my accent sounds like I have a mouth full of marbles, and I tell him to practice saying "PaRk the caR on the DollaR", instead of "pawk the caw on the dolla"!!!! :P

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Nova...I got such a kick out of your post! That all sounds so familar to me, since I was a Tennessee girl and Dennis was 200% Yankee. You know, the first 6 months of our relationship was spent trying to figure out what the other one was saying...LOL. It wasn't just the way the words were pronounced. The slangs and terms were really hard to figure out. But, we finally got it all figured out and communicated just fine.

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That's funny, Ann.

I've grown sort of fond of my husband sounding like Rocky Balboa! :lol: He cracks me up sometimes!

We had a short conversation a few days ago that went something like this:

Harry: "Have you seen my "sneakers"?

Me: "Your WHAT??" :?:

Harry: "My SNEAKERS"

Me: "You mean the shoes that have soles on them that aren't flip-flops"? :D

He also calls hamburger "Hamburger meat"... Blue jeans are "dungaree's" (sp?), and deodorant is "Underarm deodorant"... (Where else you gonna put deodorant, I'd like to know!!!???)

You need a T-Shirt like I have. It says: "I love GRITS" on the front of it, which stands for "Girls raised in the South"!


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Awww, you're RIGHT!

I'm never quite sure how to spell what Harry says!! :D

(It's like trying to learn a foreign language! hehe!)

My G-Friend, (who is from Alabama) :shock: , calls him "YO Harry".... She laughed so hard the first time she met him, because he said "Yo, How ya DO-IN?" :roll: (He can lay it on thick, when he wants to show off!) :wink:

He's from "Jersey", by the way.. (that's in New York, right? LOL! :D )

Take care,


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