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Need some info....pul..ese!!!


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I just posted and lost it so if you get this twice...sowwry....

Ok..remember I told you guys a couple days ago that I had a good report from my chest exray.... Thank God for THAT...Well I have been having rib pain and it got to be annoying and you know how that goes...back to the GP...Well after doing an extensive exam...he 'thinks' it is some kind of nerve inflamation but wants to do 2 MRI's to make sure and since my Ct/scan is due soon he wants me to do that now too...and get them both over with at the same time...

My question is...Doesn't a chest exray include 'ribs'...wouldn't something have showed on that...???....grrrr...this is so damn frustrating...

So again I ask for your prayers..and I know I could count on you guys....prayers are more powerful than "med's...that's for sure...

Connie ...Kasey...I am being brave..gulp!!!!

Hugs and prayers for everyone until be can beat this thing once and for all....luv...Nonni

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Pam, I really don't know how much of the rib shows on a chest x-ray. It does seem that we (all of us) can get to the panic mode pretty easily when 'something' new arises. I have had some issues like that and have found that they always seem to pass. That doesn't stop me from freaking a bit though. I sure hope it turns out to be nothing at all other thtn some bruising or something like that.

It sounds like your doc stays on top of things ~ and that is good. Getting the MRI AND CT done sooner rather than later is great. Try to remain calm :roll: ~ yea RIGHT ~ while all this gets taken care of. Try not to second guess, ya know. And keep us updated as things move along.


PS: Prayers too!!!!

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Hey, I like your doctor's style! I would prefer a doctor like yours who does tests/scans/etc. to get answers rather than one of those sorry doctors who says, "it's probably nothing to be concerned about". I continue to keep you in prayer.


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A chest xray would show the ribs. a RI or CTR would show something on the ribs if anything.. Saying prayers for nothing. and better to be safe then sorry..

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It's my understanding, after several years here, that X-ray is probably the least desired method of detecting the cause and location of worrisome indicators.

I believe you are getting good counselling from your Doc's and our angels. The scans are the best approach.

Prayers and best wishes.


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