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Hello All,

I had my appointment in Denver on Thurs. and it appears that the Tarceva is working. I had a chest x-ray and comparing it to a previous scan it appears that there is less fluid in the right lung and in the very least it isn't any worse. Which as my doctor explained is good also. Tarceva may not take away my cancer but if it keeps me stable for a long time then that would be good too. I go back in another month for an x-ray and see if it looks the same or better. Hopefully better. I'm still a candidate for the Pleurodesis but need to wait and see if more fluid will drain. Since my oxygen level is normal (99) my doctor doesn't want to rush into doing a thorocentesis yet. So as usual we wait and see.....I'm feeling pretty good although a bit tired. I'm happy to hear the initial results and will take stable any day of the week. I hope to have even better news next time!

Take Care,


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Rachel, Raachel, Rachel :lol::lol::lol: !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am over the top with joy for you. I, too, will hope and pray that Tarceva works for such a long time that there will be a cure for everyone by then!!!! Thanks for the uplifting news for the weekend. I hope you can hear my cheering from PA all the way to CO.


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