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Hello Everyone,

I found this site shortly after my mom was diagnosed (June 6th) and it has been such a help for me. I decided to join today because my mom is starting chemo. on Tuesday and I thought I would probably have questions during her 12 week treatment. I know I should add her history to my profile, but for now I will just do it within the message:

Mom, 55 yrs. old, started experiencing memory loss and weakness on her left side, went to emergency room June 6th (thought she was having a stroke)

After x-rays and scans she was diagnosed stage IV lung cancer with tumors on her lung and brain

June 14th-brain surgery to remove single tumor

Doctors at the local hospital stated lung tumor was "inoperable"

July 2nd-went to Mayo Clinic in MN for 2nd opinion

July 5th-lung surgery

August 8th-started whole-brain radiation (10 total treatments)

September 4th-will start chemotherapy (once every 3 weeks)

I live in Arizona and my mom is in Michigan. I am a teacher and was able to spend the entire summer with her. Now I am back to teaching and it is heart-wrenching not being able to be there for her everyday.

This is quite a long introduction so I will sign off for now!

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Welcome. So glad to hear you took your Mom for a second opinion at Mayo here in Minnesota. Sounds like she is has a great plan of care. Chemo can be rough but it is well worth it. Keep us posted.

Donna G

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Welcome Look at the top of the page and you willsee My profile Button. Put moms info in this section in the big box at the middle of the page and you can add to it without retyping each time. Plus it helps us out knowing when you have questions to be answered. Thanks and welcome again. So sorry you have to be here.

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Yes, they were able to get everything from her lung. As far as we know, she is "cancer-free" right now and the additional treatments (WB radiation and chemo.) are for any cancer that could be "hiding". I just hope and pray she can handle the chemo. as she has already lost over 20 lbs. and she was a tiny lady to begin with. She's got a great attitude though, and so far that has carried her through the toughest times.

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Thank you for all of your kind words. My mom's chemo. was delayed last week because her doctor thought she was too weak to begin. The extra week to recover from her WBR was great--she actually gained a few pounds! She will start chemo. tomorrow. I am praying she will be able to tolerate the treatments without too many terrible side effects.

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Hello from another ~ AZgirl!! Just wanted to extend my welcome, and let you know your family will be in my prayers! I hope your Mom's chemo goes well today, and that she'll enjoy many more NED years to come!

Not too many of us "Zonies" on the board...please don't hesitate to ask if I can be of any help to you...Hang in there!

Yours in HOPE!!


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Welcome and glad you decided to join us. Now we can help you through this.

If you put a profile in as Randy said in my profile at the top of this page it will appear on your posts. You can even copy and paste what you wrote in your post so far.

I wish your mom luck with her treatments. Please if you have any questions please ask. There are people here who most likely have an answer to any question you may have. We also have our resident Dr. West here who will answer your questions if we can't.

Please keep us posted on her progress. I am sorry you are so far away but just call here everyday and it will be like you are there with her.

Take care hang strong! And know we are here for you.


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Nushka---the chemo type is taxol/carboplatin. So far, so good. Yesterday was her first treatment, only 11 to go!

Thanks again to everyone for your words of support. It is so comforting to know there is a whole community of wonderful people so willing to offer encouragement, hope, and support.

Now I will try to add my mom's profile so it will show up when I post.

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