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Getting to Know You - September 5


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Captain Jack Sparrow.... I LOVE him! :wink:

(NOT Johnny Depp---just the "character" of Captain Jack)!!!!

I have keychains with his picture on them, a poster, a bumper sticker, t-shirts, a pillow case, etc. :P (All bought by my daughter, because she thinks it's funny!) :roll:

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My grandaughter, Ella. Each time I'm with her, I just can't seem to look at anything or anyone else in the room. She'll be 10 months old on the 14th and she's the joy of her grandmother's life!

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I went to NY on business in June and the whole team went into NYC to a comedy club on Thursday night. We were walking down 34th Street and there was this tanned, buff man, leaning up against a building, with long hair, wearing a leather vest with nothing underneath and tight jeans. The guy looked like he just stepped off the cover of one of those romance novels, standing there completely aloof and expressionless.

Well, my friend from Oklahoma who never has been to NY stopped so short that it was comical. Her and I just stared at him like he was a TV, trying to come to grips that something that beautiful could actually be real. :P We finally had to move ahead so we wouldn't lose the group we were with.

I remember glancing behind me a few times because it was so hard to stop just looking at him.

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