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Finally Got Some Answers


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Hi everyone,

Well I saw my primary doctor today and he went to bat for me once again. He called both the surgeon and the oncologist. Got some answers, not the ones I really wanted but answers none the less.

The second opinion on the biopsy proved to be small cell. I got copies of all the reports. The lymphnode involved is on the outside of the lung, around my breast bone. The original tumor grew 1/2cm. to 3cm and the lymphnode is 3 1/2cm. So surgery is not an option any longer...but that's alright, I'm still ready to fight. My surgeon still says that it is limited stage, but the oncologist says it is ext., don't know who to believe, but I'm really glad to finally be seeing some results, I mean it's been like almost 12 weeks.

The oncologist said that I could wait a week or so if I wanted to get another opinion and I sad h**l no, let's get going. So I start chemo next Tuesday, will have 3 days, 5 hours a day. Then 3 weeks off, and start round 2. They are using cisplatin an VP-16. Said they will give me something for my stomach and something that will make me want to sleep. I told him that didn't really matter if I was awake or asleep, just want to get the show started. I don't want to let this spread any longer.

I started my leave of abscence from work today. Going to rest up for the fight. Then on Tuesday will be putting on my boxing gloves to beat my cancers butt!!! :twisted:

I want to thank all of you for all your kind words and for just being here, encouraging me :) .

Thanks a million!!!


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Go kick some cancer A s s !!! It's very doable and not always a cake walk, but STAY POSITIVE and you will be shocked at how much easier this journey can be. We're here for you Bobbie, day and night!

YOU GO GIRL!! I had the same kind of chemo and I have small cell lung cancer survivor friends (7 and 8 years) that had the same chemo as well and are here and doing VERY WELL TODAY and they are CANCER FREE and have been for 7 & 8 years. You can do it TOO! :wink:

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I'm so very impressed by your wonderful attitude. My prayers will be with you and your family. Fight with everything you have and you will beat this monster.

Stay with us here on the LCSC for love and support.

Many blessings going your way.

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Go get 'em!! It does mimic my path, I opted for the LOA from work 6/07 and am returning to work 10/22, scared, but they say once Im back 2-3 days it will be like I never left. Chemo is 6-7 hr. drip, they put ativan up, it is a relaxer but also an excellent anti nausea, I said hook me up! I took emend the day of and 2 days after and supplemented w/ zofran. Hydration was the big ticket w/ my Dr. The cisplatin reaks havoc on the kidneys, so I went back for "2 liters" IV hydration the day after cisplatin. Kidneys are great! Keep us posted~ Mary

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I'm glad they are getting you started on your chemo. My Mom had the same regimen and handled it all very well. They gave her 1/2 hour drip of anti-nausea meds before hand and she took the pills for about a week after. She really did ok with all of it. I think the thought of it made her more sick than the actual chemo. You are going to do great!!! Keep that great attitude and PM me antime you need to talk.


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