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Hello Sparky and welcome.

I am so sorry about your Aunt's diagnosis but very happy you found us.

Please feel free to ask any and all questions you have and know that there are many people here who will be able to answer you or point you in the right direction.

Let us know how we can help you and know that we will..



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"Sparky" Should I ask my questions in the NSCLC forum or here?
"cynical_angel" You will be better off asking in the NSCLC forum or even in the General forum.

Hi, Sparky! Yes, probably NSCLC if the question is specific to that type and the info would not be likely to help someone focused on small cell LC. Otherwise, General is a good choice.

I don't recall ever seeing a survey about how members typically navigate the board, but I think many (like me) use the "View posts since last visit" link at the top right of the Forum Index page. In that case, we'll see your question regardless of what forum it's posted in. Members who prefer to go directly to selected forums would most likely include Introduce Yourself, General, and either NSCLC or SCLC at a minimum.

One thing I would NOT recommend is to post multiple, essentially identical messages in two or more forums at the same time. Causes us chemo brain folks no end of confusion -- gee, I thought I responded to this message, but I don't see my answer in here, and these other responses look different too...but wait, this list of all my posts says I DID respond to that subject...oh, I see, the same subject by the same person is in two different forums...I need a break...[This is all my personal opinion, not a board policy as far as I know.]

Best wishes and Aloha to you and your aunt.


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