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It's a girl!


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I did it! I made it through my niece's birth without any tears! As I had said, Mom knew this baby was coming, and she really wanted to be here for this. I cried (teared up and got sad--seems the best I can still do) all week thinking about it, but the day itself was so full of joy and hope.

I had a weak moment as I watched my older brother intensely look through the glass at her, and I knew what he was thinking. We both moved on, though. I was really suprised by how positive the day was.

I've had some sad moments since. I know Mom can see this precious little girl (Rebecca Marie--Marie was Mom's middle name), and I know life goes on. I feel bad for my younger brother, that he doesn't get to hear Mom carry on about his little girl, like she did for me (and my little boy as well). I feel bad for Rebecca that she will never have grandparents from our side of the family, never know them. My daughter and I have decided that this means we will get to SPOIL this little gal in the way that Mom would have. She'll be raised hearing the stories of Mom and my dad. It isn't the same, but it is the best we can do...so we will do it.

Thanks for all of your support, and especially prayers!


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your niece will know her grandmother, she will know her through you all. it isn't the same, but it sure is a wonderful presence.

i had a friend's mother tell me that she was sort of shocked at how much we talked about my father, years after he had died. i didn't think it odd, but then realized that i knew a lot of folks who didn't talk much about the loved ones they lost. maybe it was less painful to not talk about them, but i couldn't imagine not talking about them. so my nieces and nephews who didn't know my dad, still feel like they sort of do know him.

and one niece was born 8 days before dad died. naturally she has no memory of him. but one day on her bday, probably her 20th. i emailed her to tell her how much my dad loved her. that the nurses at the hospital told me that 'all he can talk about is that new grandbaby of his', and how my brother had taken a picture of her and it sat on his nightstand for that one week that he was around after she was born. she emailed me back and said "you have no idea what that means to me". i realized that it was a new story for her, and i was sorry i hadn't told her sooner.

congrats on your new niece, i'm sorry it is bittersweet, but it is still sweet, so try and dwell on that. and when she is old enough, never stop telling her how much her grandmother loved her, even before she was born.

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I knew that you would do fine. New life is a celebration and just as you celebrate this new little sweetheart celebrate the love that is in her from your mom.

I have 8 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren and my mom only got to see my oldest grand daughter one time. After 22 years without her I still say many times how much Mama would have enjoyed these children. I think what it is is that I can't see her enjoy them but I bet both her and Denis are with them often.

Congradulations on your niece and on learning that you are stornger than you thought.

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Welcome to the world, little Rebecca Marie! :D

(Beautiful name! My own daughter's middle name is Rebekah!)

I think she'll have the best Guardian Angel there is, in your Mom. (That's what we like to think about my step-dad who passed away right before my second grandson was born!).

I'm happy for your family!

Love to see a picture of her if you get a chance to post one. Babies are my most favorite thing in the world... :wink::oops:


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I knew only one grandfather, all the others

were gone when I was born, but I know as much

or even more about them through the stories

and the pictures (rare in those days)they

kept for me.......when I was very young

it was like a story book to see the pictures

and hear their life story, never got tired of

listening and learning about them.

You will do all this part and Rebecca Marie

will know and love her Grandmother, after all

she met her before she was born.

Beautiful day for you.



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I told you it would be a wonderful day!

I actually grew up without any grandparents on either side, so I never had the experience of having them. But I was told so much about them so it was like I knew them.

Take care and Iam glad Rebecca Marie is now in this world and will have a wonderful aunt and cousins who will love her so much. :mrgreen:

Maryanne :wink:

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Rebecca Marie will be a blessed little girl. Having had no grandparents and only hearing stories, I know how important thos stories can be. Fortunately there will be many caring aunts, uncles, and cousins to relate wonderful memories. Congratulations to all!


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