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Prayers for grand baby, please


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Wasn't sure where to put this.

My 19 month old grandson apparently swallowed a penny.

My daughter noticed the he had "D", when she changed his diaper. Yesterday morning, she noticed a penny in the diaper. :shock:

She's SO very upset. Her house is kept exceptionally clean, the vacuum cleaner run every day, things picked up out of the babies reach, etc.

They've now had to take him to the Urgent Care Pediatric clinic, so if you could all say prayers for him, I would appreciate it.

We don't know where he found the penny, or what sort of ghastly germs it had on it. (no telling, now-a-days).

We don't know if he swallowed more then one piece of "change", or if it just messed his little belly up badly with the one, but he's still having bouts of "D", so please pray for him. His name is Lucas.

I'll update when they call me and tell me what the doctor says.

I'm going to want to wring the doctors neck if she tells them it's "just a virus", and doesn't check to make sure there isn't more $$$ stuck in his intestines.

How on earth could he have managed to get a penny down his throat, without his mom seeing him? He's watched very closely..... :(

That's how Mommy's end up with grey hair.... :(

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When the Jillinator was 4 she swallowed a penny. Scared the crap out of me because it didn't go all the way down -- it was stuck in her throat. We had to go to the ER and she had surgery to remove it. Who knows where she found it or why she swallowed it-- but I would say since Lucas passed the penny he should be fine. The rule (according to our doc) is if the object is under a square inch you just watch for it to pass.


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Two more penny stories...

My middle grandchild was cranky and hardly took any breast milk for several days. Doctor said that he had some bug - a week later it was discovered he had a penny lodged in his throat, barely leaving room for the milk to trickle through. My daughter couldnt figure out where the penny came from. He had to have surgery like the Jillinator..

Youngest grandson had to have surgery about 6 months ago, same thing, except I think it might have been in his stomach, I lost track. There are 5 kids total so, at this point, who knows where the penny came from.

Hoping that the one penny was it- I think it would be very unusual for the baby to have swallowed more than one.

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Thanks everyone.

The Pediatrician said that as long as he passed it, he should be fine. Said to keep him on clear liquids til Monday, and if he's not better, to bring him back. ( If that's the case, he would see his regular doctor though, who is GREAT, and will check out everything).

Thank goodness we're aren't the only family that has penny eating children! That will make my daughter feel much better!

LOL on him growing up to be a banker! I told my daughter that at least now I know where to go if I need change for a dollar..... :shock::wink::roll:

Thanks all,

Have a good day,


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Glad little Lucas seems to be ok.

I couldn't even list all the things I swallowed as a kid. Pink bubbles (can you believe they didn't taste like bubble gum?), pennies, and Colorforms (remember those?). I thought it was so cool to see Colorforms in the potty!

Tell your daughter that unless she has 16 eyes she can't possibly see everything her little boy is up to. Quick little buggers, aren't they?


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They got him home from the Urgent Care clinic, and 2 hours later, he yanked the cord to the computer, and it came crashing down on his head!!!!!! (IT'S TIME TO CAGE THE CHILD, IN MY OPINION) !!!!! :shock::lol:

They took him to the ER, sat in the waiting room for 2 hours, and the whole time, Lucas was playing and laughing, with a knot on his head the size of an egg. The nurse told them she thought he was okay, (no concussion), so they finally got to go home!

When I called this morning to check on him, he was eating a plate full of scrambled eggs. :roll:

If his Mommy and I can calm down now for a minute, all will be well!

And to think, he's not even Two yet.... :shock:

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