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My sister, Diana


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I just had to share!!!! :D Diana come into town for a visit and I don't think I have EVER seen her look so gorgeous! With everything she has gone through, I had such an awful picture in my mind of how she looked. She is a very distinguished looking young woman and I hated the thought of her loosing that look. But to tell you the truth, I am jealous! Her hair is salt and pepper, thinner than before, but that is ok!!! It has a little curl; all in all she looks gorgeous! She isn't too skinny...she is skinny to begin with. She tells me she drinks Boost once a day,which she thinks is helping her. I am just so happy with what I saw! I think her coming home was more of a moral booster for me, and my parents than it was for Diana. Thank you for your prayers and suppoort! I just had to share my good news! :)

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