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Wow time is really moving fast. The holidays are over and the everyday routine has started for my family. Today I will leave my daughter's house (she has gone back to work, she is a teacher) and go to my oldest son's house. I will spend a few days there and return here on the weekend. That will give me a chance to spend some time with my great grandson. My daughter in law baby sits him because my grand daughter is a teacher as well. I can't seem to make paragraphs on this lap top. I don't see any enter key. I had great time over the holidays and look forward to more to come. We had two big holiday dinners and two parties (Christmas eve and New Years eve). My grandson is having a party here tonight for the big LSU Ohio championship game. I still have a month here but not sure how much time I will have with my grandson because he will go back to Baton Rouge and college next week. Sears is shifting his job back up there too. My youngest son and his family are all in the thick of Mardi Gras right now. His ride will be on the 25th and his wife will ride on February 6. Not sure how much time I will have with them either. Seems so strange to see so many of my grandchildren driving. My nerves weren't made for knowing when they are all on the road. Granddaughter just got her licence a month ago and got in a fender bender in the mall. Wasn't her fault but my nerves still took a hit. I have been to the movies 3 times in a little over a week. First time sense Walk the Line. Quite diverse. I saw National Treasure 2 with my son and grandson. Alvin and the chipmonks with my daughter two grandsons, granddaughter and her boy friend (my idea) and then PS I Love You with my daughter and granddaughter. That one really hit home. A lot of it was like seeing myself a few years ago and how I must have been. I recomend it for those of you who have come a long way in the grief process but for those who are new to this altered state of being I think you should probably wait a while. Well enough from me. I need to get up and get moving. Not making paragraphs is not very pleasing. Anyway I am having a great time but am starting to get homesick. I miss my home, my things and my friends, my whole routine. I miss the mountains especially. That big storm hit where I live. My car almost got a tree on it, it just got brushed. Hope eveyone has a Happy New Year and that you can make sense out of my ramblings. Lillian

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Thanks everyone for your well wishes. This is one of those good times/bad times. I'm enjoying my time with my family and dread leaving them again but at the same time I see why not moving back here at this time is the right decision for me. I miss my life in California, I miss my life style and my own things.

A few things on my mind today. Forty seven years ago today I married my children's father. Denis and I were married for over forty years. It wasn't the best marriage but in many ways it was good. I know that I loved him though I know also that I was never in love with him like I was Johnny. I guess it is strange to say that being here with my family I still feel their loss and that makes me grieve for him as well. It will be two years on February 23 sense his death. Just doesn't seem posible.

I got some good news today and have another worry too. Good news when I called to check on my SS raise I found out that not only was it more than I expected but the had done some refiguring so I had an extra deposit in my account. Called to make sure it is not a mistake and was told it is my money. Sure won't argu with that.

Bad news is that my daughter in law goes in tomorrow for an DNC. She is having a problem and I am terrified of cancer. Just writing the word frightens me. She has been a part of my family for 27 years and before that she was at my house(they started seeing each other at 14) a lot. Please say a prayer that her problem will be solved and that it is nothing serious. They have one of the best marriages I have ever seen and I know that my son is worried too though he doesn't say so.

Again thanks for all of your kind wishes. I'll try to get back here to post and read again soon. Lillian

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