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Broken by another loss


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This morning a dear friend Lisa, who has children at my school, died of cancer. I knew this was coming, it is really a blessed relief for this warrior woman, but I just feel ripped in two. Her 4th and 7th graders (7th grader is in my class) are at school today. Her 16-year old daughter, a former student of mine, went to school, too.

I feel like, after all I have been through, I should know what to say or do for the boys. I just feel impotent in my grief today. I hugged the younger boy, told him that I loved him and his family and that I was praying for him. Thankfully, as a Catholic school, we can pray openly and talk about it. I took my 6th grade class over to the church and we prayed for the family together. I'm trying to make today as "normal" as possible for the older boy, but be compassionate and loving as well.

I want to help the boys, and be strong for them, and be the person they need today. I also want to cry at the drop of a hat. I loved and admired Lisa. Mom loved and admired her, too. I think Mom met her at the gates of heaven today with a party hat, and a hug. I love this family, and these kids, and I've walked this road with them for the past 6 years. When my mom died, the boy came to the funeral, and the 16-year old wrote me the most beautiful letter--one that I kept and still look at often (she had a GREAT English teacher, I tell you :wink: ).

I feel lost, but I feel like I need to be together for the boys. I just needed to come somewhere and say that. I'm so glad you guys are here.


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Oh Kelly I am so sorry. What a horrible situation. I was just wondering that since you found the letter he wrote for you about your mom and you found such comfort with it; would it be something you can do for him about his mom? Just a thought.

I will pray for the family and for you. I am so sorry that cancer has claimed yet another.


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I'm sorry Kelly. As you know, I'm kind of feeling the same way today. All of the cancer loss around me lately is just so, so sad. You are still grieving for your mom and as a mom, feel for the boys as well as the loss of your friend. Sending hugs and prayers your way. It sounds like you made some great choices in dealing with the kids in class though. You sound like such a wonderful teacher.


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Kelly I am so sorry that you have had another loss to cancer. This breaks my heart to think of those kids without their mom. They are so lucky to have you in their lives and I am sure that you will be a great comfort to them in the difficult weeks and months to come. Thinking of you and them tonight.

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